Reporter Discusses Dynamis Spending Of Ada County Payments

Oct 3, 2012

Another month has passed with few real developments in the proposed construction of a new waste-to-energy plant at the Ada County landfill. 

Ada County commissioners first agreed to the contract with Eagle-based Dynamis Energy two years ago.  The county would pay $2 million to Dynamis to develop plans for a facility that would burn trash and tires to create electricity.  Dynamis would later buy those plans back. 

The deal, though, is under investigation and remains under intense public scrutiny.  Cynthia Sewell is covering the story for The Idaho Statesman and recently looked into how Dynamis spent that $2 million from Ada County.  Click 'Listen' to hear our interview.

The Dynamis contract has caused friction among the three members of the Ada County commission.  You can hear our recent conversation with Commissioner Dave Case here.