Retired Univ. Of Idaho Professor To Be Remembered As A Renaissance Man

Oct 17, 2013

Malcolm Renfrew died on Oct. 12 at the age of 103. The retired University of Idaho professor will be remembered by friends and colleagues on Oct. 28 at the First Presbyterian Church in Moscow.

To many in Moscow, Renfrew was a renaissance man. He is being remembered as a department chair, a faculty member, a scientist, an artist, and a deeply involved member of the community.

Credit University of Idaho

One friend called him the voice for all things positive, while interim UI President Don Burnett called him a fixture in the community.

“They broke the mold when they made Malcolm," says Burnett. "He’s going to be very much missed, but I think his spirit is something we should celebrate.”

Renfrew was known as being supervisor of the team at DuPont that developed World War II uses for the material later known as Teflon. He did not have a hand in Teflon’s famous use with the non-stick frying pan, but he did develop other uses for it, including dental work.