Returning Idaho Guardsmen Face Unemployment

Aug 22, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Hundreds of Idaho soldiers deployed in Iraq will soon be back home.  But many will then face the challenge of unemployment. 

About fifteen hundred soldiers from the 116th Cavalry will return to Idaho.  They’ll fly back to cities and towns across the state starting next month.  Colonel Tim Marsano is with the Idaho National Guard. 

Tim Marsano:  “We did a survey and found out that about 600 of our deployed soldiers – to include 400 Idahoans – are going to come home to no jobs.” 

They’ll face a job market where nearly one in every ten Idahoans is without work.  To address this problem, Idaho’s Department of Labor has partnered with the Guard on its “Hire One Vet” program. 

Tim Marsano:   ”Returning Guardsmen have a lot of things going for them, for example, they’re drug free, they’re high-integrity employees, they’re physically fit, they’ve shown that they can work under duress and stress, they’re team players, and they know how to overcome challenges and obstacles.”

Businesses that hire one vet may qualify for a tax credit of up to six percent. 

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