Reynolds Keeps Job As Eagle Mayor

Nov 9, 2011

Eagle, ID - Idaho was one of 30 states Tuesday to hold elections. Unofficial results across the Gem State show that voter turnout was low. But in the city of Eagle, voters turned out to keep current mayor Jim Reynolds in office.  This was Reynolds’ first election after he was appointed mayor last year.

Jim Reynolds’s supporters gather around a computer screen at a posh home on Eagle Island. The Ada County Election website is up on the screen and it shows most of the votes are in. .... plenty to see who Eagle voters want as mayor.

A woman shouts “Do the happy dance!”

But that was last night. No one is likely to dance at the next city council meeting where Reynolds has to work with his challenger. Norm Semanko is on the city council. Semanko tossed some mud Reynolds way during the campaign when he said Reynolds abused city credit cards. But Reynolds speaks well of his challenger:

Jim Reynolds  “He’s a really neat guy and I think he’s got an awful lot to contribute from this point on. So I just hope we can kind of come to a working relationship, which I’m sure we can. Our goals are the same. You know our methods are a little different, but we’re going the same direction.”

That direction focuses on business development. It was the thrust of both their campaigns. Reynolds says his first job as mayor is to create jobs for Eagle residents:

Jim Reynolds “We’ll identify industries, and from those we’ll identify companies and we’ll go after them to bring them here and attract them to Eagle.”

Reynolds says the city is already in talks with some well-known companies. He names Whole Foods and Trader Joes among them. He adds nothing has come together yet, but he’s optimistic.