Rhoades Nears End of the Road

Oct 13, 2011

Boise, ID - The US Supreme Court will not hear the appeal of Paul Rhoades who was convicted of three murders in eastern Idaho in 1988.  That means the state could soon hold its first execution in 17 years.

Paul Rhoades was on death row in 1994 when Idaho last used lethal injection. Rhoades has spent the past 23 years appealing his death sentences. Now he may be down to weeks. Lamont Anderson with Idaho’s Attorney General’s office says the state will file a death warrant for Rhoades. But first the 9th circuit court has to receive the Supreme Court’s decision in the mail. Then the 9th circuit will issue a mandate lifting the stay of execution.

Lamont Anderson “Well I expect the mandate from the 9th circuit to be issued sometime at the end of this week or next week.”

That’s when the Anderson files a death warrant. He says they have to…the Attorney General’s office is legally bound to see sentences are carried out. A district judge will be the one to finally issue the warrant.

Lamont Anderson “Then the time will be set for the execution. And it has to be within 30 days of the signing of that death warrant.”

Rhoades does have a few legal options left. Anderson says he can seek commutation from the governor. He has also challenged Idaho’s execution protocol. That’s pending in federal court. Rhoades’ defender did not respond to requests for an interview.