School Levies Pass In Ada County… Canyon, Not So Much

Mar 14, 2012


Voters approved the Boise School District’s $70 million supplemental levy Tuesday by a wide margin. Almost 29,000 people cast votes, which is about 29% turnout. Of those Boise voters more than 71% said yes to the levy. It will cost homeowners about $100 a year for every $100,000 of taxable value.  The tax will be spread out over five years beginning fall 2012.  Volunteers campaigned heavily both for and against the levy.

In Meridian, the school district wants to raise $14 million a year for two years through a supplemental levy.  Voters there said yes to that request, but by a narrower margin than in Boise. Not quite 54% of the vote was in favor. Almost 23,000 people voted in Meridian, that’s not quite 25% turnout.   Homeowners will pay about $9.60 a month for every $100,000 of taxable value.  Last May, voters rejected the district’s $18.5 million levy proposal after volunteers canvassed heavily against it.

Canyon County levies had mixed results. Voters in the Caldwell School District said yes to their supplemental levy. But Nampa district voters turned in an emphatic no. Voters in the Middleton and Valley View districts also said no.  In Notus the levy failed by a single vote.

Over in Washington County, Weiser School District officials want to extend a supplemental levy passed two years ago.  The $350,000 a year levy will run for an additional two years.  The proposal passed by a healthy margin.

The Salmon School District in Lemhi County tried again to raise money for a new building.  Five previous attempts failed.  The sixth attempt fared no better.  The $13.5 million dollar bond would have been used to build a new elementary and middle school to replace two aging buildings.