"Secret" Shows Offer A Free Way To Catch Some Tunes Around Treefort Music Fest

Mar 22, 2013

You have plenty of choices to make if you're at Treefort Music Fest this weekend. There are more than 260 musical acts at a dozen downtown venues. So for some fans, they've already planned out their weekend music lineup.

Sage Francis performing late Thursday night at The Reef. He performed spoken word during one of The Record Exchange's "secret" shows earlier in the evening.
Credit John Webster / Treefort Music Fest

But if you can't get enough of the regular schedule, The Record Exchange is hosting a series of "secret" in-store performances. Chad Dryden is in charge of marketing at the Boise store. 

"[Treefort] is a special event in town, so we wanted to make these in-store [performances] special too," says Dryden. "So we thought, 'Hey, why not tease people and not say what the show will be until the day of?' "

Dryden says they've used social media and The Record Exchange's blog to let people in on the secret. Thursday, the store hosted Sage Francis as an unofficial kick-off to the four-day festival. Dryden says the rapper took the opportunity to do something different, and performed spoken word to a crowded room.

"It was just phenomenal. I ran into people later in the night, and they were just blown away by his performance [at the store]," Dryden says.

Today's free all-ages performance is with Hillstomp at 4 p.m. The blues and punkabilly group will perform an official Treefort show later tonight at The Reef, a 21+ venue. Dryden says Saturday's secret show will showcase an electronic set at 3:00 p.m., and Sunday's performance will happen at 4:30 p.m.

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