Sen. Crapo: Americans Should Get First Pick Of Guest Worker Jobs

May 8, 2013

Credit Courtesy of Sen. Mike Crapo's office

Democratic and Republican senators have filed hundreds of amendments to an immigration bill in the U.S. Senate.  Many amendments filed by Republicans aim to boost border security and add employment enforcement provisions. Supporters say in some cases the real intent is to kill the legislation.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo says there may be an effort by some to slow or stop the bill using amendments.  But the Republican believes that’s not the intent of most Senators. “I believe there really is a very sincere level of interest from all different sides of this issue in trying to get this bill put into a position where it can be more workable.”

Crapo says he wants an immigration bill, but it must include three things.  First: more border security.  Second: “No one who has entered the country illegally should gain a benefit by that illegal entry into the country towards either permanent residence or citizenship.”

And third: Americans should have the first right to any jobs in a guest worker program.

The first Senate Judiciary Committee votes on the bill could come tomorrow.

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