Serval Kittens Born At Zoo Boise

Sep 28, 2012

Zoo Boise has two new arrivals, serval kittens.  The kittens, one boy and one girl, were born last week. 

Servals are small cats from Africa with long legs and large ears.  Zoo staff are hand raising the kittens after the mother failed to care for them. 

The kittens will be on display in their incubator starting Saturday.  Visitors can watch them being fed twice each day. 

It will take six to eight weeks to wean the kittens.  Then the Zoo will decide if they will stay in Boise or move to another zoo.

Servals are native to the savannahs of Africa.  They have tan fur with black spots.  In the wild, they eat rodents, small reptiles and birds.

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