Someone Caused Con Shea Wildfire

Fire crews got the upper hand on the Con Shea wildfire Friday. 

Investigators say someone caused the blaze which burned about 9,000 acres along the Snake River near Murphy.  

Brandon Hampton is with the Boise District Bureau of Land Management.  He says, "It could be a variety of things - most likely a campfire ring would indicate a human presence prior to the fire starting.  You can also find remnants of shooting, for example, shell casings, fragments of exploding targets, things like that."

People have caused a number of wildfires this month by shooting at exploding targets.  Hampton says these activities normally wouldn’t spark fires in June, but southwest Idaho is at an “above-normal” risk of wildfires this year due to dry grass. 

The Con Shea fire was the biggest in the area so far. 

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