Southwest Idaho School Levies Pass

Aug 29, 2012

Canyon County voters in Wilder, Notus, Homedale and Nampa appear to have approved school levies yesterday by wide margins. Nearly two-thirds of Nampa voted to pass a $1.6 million, two-year levy. Those same voters rejected a levy earlier this year for about twice that amount.

Lynn Borud is a Nampa realtor who led the effort to get the levy passed.  He thinks the amount was important.  That’s because $1.6 million is the same as a levy that just expired.  Borud says the district decided not to ask Nampa voters to raise their taxes but thought keeping them the same would be acceptable.

“And I think that’s just being really respectful of all the people in our community that are really hurting,” he says.  “And I think community appreciated that and certainly the patrons came forth and supported our kids.”

Nampa’s levy money will go to things the district cut early in the recession, such as supplies, maintenance and curriculum. However, it won’t help in areas that the district has cut recently such as the substitute teacher budget.

Kuna voters also approved that district’s levy request, but by a narrower margin: about 53 percent said yes to Kuna’s $3.2 million levy.