State Employees Could Get Raise

Feb 17, 2012

State employees may get a raise in the next fiscal year.  Budget lawmakers decided today to give all state workers, except teachers, a two-percent raise.  The Governor had wanted to give state employees a one-time bonus, if state revenue stayed strong.  Republican Senator Dean Mortimer argued in favor of a one-time bonus, not an on-going raise.

Dean Mortimer “But I am still very concerned about where our economy is going, I’m very concerned about what our federal deficit is going to be doing, and how that will affect our state budget, and I don’t want to give our state employees an ongoing situation and come back and have to take it back.”

But Republican Senator Shawn Keough says state employees deserve a permanent salary hike.

Shawn Keough “We have some serious issues across our employee workforce that we need to address, we have services we need to provide and our employee turnover is, in my mind, costing us more, by not addressing this.”

The committee voted in favor of a two-percent, across-the-board raise for state employees.  The bill now heads to the House and Senate.  State employees haven’t had a raise in four years.