Studio 208 Session: Geographer Performs At Boise State Public Radio

Mar 27, 2015

San Francisco band Geographer stopped in Boise this week to perform at the fourth-annual Treefort Music Fest, the same week the group released their third album "Ghost Modern." The album is their first since 2012.

Geographer is known for its melodic textured sound. Frontman Michael Deni started the group in New Jersey, but has settled in the Bay Area.  (Read up on how Deni came across his first synth – it gives scavengers everywhere a good name.)

Before heading to their Treefort performance Wednesday at the Neurolux, the group showed off a few of their new songs to a small audience at Boise State Public Radio.

Here's Geographer performing "I'm Ready" from their new album.

Editor/Producer: Emilie Ritter Saunders |Videographer: Joe Jaszewski | Audio Engineer: Kira Parker

Deni says in writing "Ghost Modern," he first got back to the basics of songwriting.

"I just wanted to write the best songs that I possibly could," he says. "So I didn’t even demo them until the songs were done, I pared them all back – I took it to just my acoustic guitar or my Wurlitzer – and I finished the songs on those before I took them into my studio and added all the synthesizers and guitars I like to mess around with. This was also the first time I wrote string arrangements and horn arrangements, because I never thought that I could and then one day I gave it a shot and it turned out really well."

Deni's distinctive vocals are layered with keyboard, guitar and cello. Duncan Nielsen plays guitar, Joyce Lee plays cello, and Cody Rhodes is the group's drummer.

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