Tablets Become More Common At Idaho Construction Sites

Aug 5, 2013

Credit Sean MacEntee / Flickr Creative Commons

This fall, Boise State University students taking Casey Cline's class on construction management for the first time will need to bring an iPad or some other tablet-style computer.

Cline says he is imposing this new rule because the devices are becoming ever-more present on job sites for uploading data reports, photos and job specs.

Cline told the Idaho Business Review he simply wants his students better prepared for the real world.

That real world includes construction managers and engineers overseeing the new $70 million Jack's Urban Meeting Place project in downtown Boise.

On-site construction managers were slow to adopt wireless computer technology.

But now, Hoffman Construction Operations Manager Dan Drinkward says his staff and as many as 15 subcontractors working on JUMP rely on the tablets.