Treefort Raises Ticket Prices As Festival Looks Toward Sustainability

Sep 11, 2015

If you want to be one of the 200 people to snag a $50 ticket to Treefort Music Fest, you better be poised to hit the “purchase” button on your laptop at 10:00 a.m. sharp tomorrow morning.

Credit Treefort Music Fest

Early Bird passes, as they’re called, typically sell out within minutes of their release. Once those are gone, the price of entry will increase to $139. And right before the festival kicks off in March, those passes will jump to $179.  That's the most expensive general admission tickets have been in Treefort's five-year history.

Festival organizer Drew Lorona says Treefort is following the plan set out from the get-go. He says by gradually increasing the price of entry, they hope to become sustainable long-term. The 2015 festival was the first time Treefort broke even.

“Keep raising the price a reasonable amount," says Lorona, "and a fair amount each year, until we reach that goal of being a healthy business and can ensure that the festival goes on forever.”

Lorona says this weekend's ticket release will also include a special nod to Boise’s Record Exchange, where people can buy passes in-person at a discounted rate on Saturday only. Get all the ticketing specifics here.

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