Treefort Releases List Of Headliners, Hopes To Boost Ticket Sales

Jan 17, 2014

Organizers of Treefort Music Fest are considering this their biggest band announcement yet. Indie darlings Polica top the billing for the 2014 festival, along with instrumental hip hop acts RJD2 and Blockhead. The festival is March 20-23 in downtown Boise.

Minneapolis band Polica will headline the third annual Treefort Music Fest.
Credit Cameron Wittig

But beyond the nationally-known headliners, the festival continues to highlight regional and local bands that don't have the same kind of name recognition outside of the West. Groups like Animal Eyes, TEENS and Cathedral Pearls will all get a spot in the Treefort.

Festival organizer Drew Lorona says the regional focus of Treefort has a lot to do with who is available -- and when. But connections with popular Northwest bands also help with the booking process.

"There’s more personal connections, there’s more friendships and longstanding professional relationships that we can call upon to get bands that are popular in those [Northwest] scenes,” says Lorona.

Out of the 68 bands announced this morning, 32 are from Boise, Seattle, Portland, Denver or Salt Lake City.

Lorona says ticket sales are up from last year at this time. But the festival has not yet begun to pay for itself in ticket sales alone, and sponsorships with companies like Alaska Airlines and Payette Brewing are important.

"The target with the ticket sales has always been the perfect balance between quantity and price so that we are delivering the type of festival that people want, and we're able to fund the festival with that income."

He says that after Friday's announcement, they expect to get another bump in ticket sales.

But...back to the music.

Here's Minneapolis-based Polica performing in the studios of 89.3 The Current:

And if you aren't familiar with producer/musician RJD2 but are a fan of Don Draper, Peggy Olson and the rest of the gang from AMC's 'Mad Men,' you'll probably recognize his work in the theme song. Here's him mixing live a couple of years ago.

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