Turn Back Time Saturday Night (Well, Sunday Morning)

Nov 3, 2017

Early Sunday morning clocks move back an hour as we leave daylight savings time behind and start the brief, four month period of standard time.
Credit Leigh Anthony DEHANEY / Flickr

Daylight Savings Time is coming to an end. Be sure and prepare for the time change.

Cher said it best as she sang on the deck of the USS Missouri in 1988, “If I could turn back time, if I could find a way…”

There’s not much of a way to find. Saturday night – well, technically Sunday morning, we gain an extra hour as we make the switch back to standard time.

November 5 is the beginning of the only four months we observe standard time. With the change, early risers will get a brighter start to the day. Sunrise will now come about 7:30 with sunset getting yanked back to around 5:30.

Sure, there are more hours of dark and cold, but at least, for one night, turning back time means an extra round.

“Typically this is one of the busier nights during the year due to that because people get an extra hour to go out and play,” says Mode Lounge bartender Tyler Armstrong.

So before heading out tonight, or before you hit the sack, be sure and turn back time – by just an hour.

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