Turns Out, Idaho Is A Really Good Place For 'Nerds'

Apr 25, 2014

This map from Estately Blog shows western states are nerd havens.
Credit Estately Blog

Idaho is a good place to be if you're into science fiction, comic books, and LARP-ing (that's live-action role playing). A lighthearted post from the blog Estately, and picked up by CNET, shows Idaho is the fourth 'nerdiest' (their word, not ours) state in the country.

According to the Facebook data collected by Estately, Idaho has a lot of live-action role players and "Harry Potter" fans. There's even an anime convention happening next month in Boise.

Estately came up with its rankings by crunching Facebook users' interests. It calculated the percentage of users who listed these 12 things as personal interests, and then weighted the data on a per capita basis.

  1. Star Trek:  The Next Generation
  2. Cosplay
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Star Wars
  5. Anime Movies
  6. Dungeons & Dragons
  7. LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing)
  8. Doctor Who
  9. Fantasy Lit
  10. Lord of the Rings
  11. Magic: The Gathering
  12. Comic Books

It turns out, the western U.S. is a hot spot for people who enjoy such things (as defined by the 12 interest areas). The only three places that might be 'nerdier' than Idaho are Utah, Alaska and Wyoming.

See the full ranking here.

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