On The Turntables: Guest DJ Miss Mara

Aug 14, 2014

If you love music and dancing, a DJ can make or break a party. We've all been there: You go out with the burning desire to dance like a lunatic, only to find terrible music wherever you go, so you have no choice but to head home and blast records while you dance with a broom and weep. (I have never done this.)

Fortunately, most of us have also had the good fortune of winding up at a party where the music sounds amazing and the crowd is energized. When I first arrived in Mexico, I was lucky enough to wind up at a popular bar called El Imperial during one of the coolest DJ sets I've ever heard, courtesy of Miss Mara. Ever since, I try never to miss her sets, because no matter how hard the week has been, no matter what mood I'm in, I know she'll hit me with a fun, eclectic mix. That's a great DJ.

That's why I invited Miss Mara to our studios this week: to share her music collection, as well as her insight into what makes young Mexican crowds dance. Enjoy!

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