Two Southwest Idaho Cities Hover Around 100,000 Residents

Aug 4, 2017

Meridian is on track to become Idaho's second city with a six-figure population. Current growth rates and estimates have Nampa hitting the milestone some time in 2018.
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We'll soon know if Meridian has crossed the threshold to become a city of 100,000 people. The Census Bureau conducted a population estimate July 1 and when the official numbers come in, it will likely find Meridian to be the second Idaho city with a six-figure population.

Meridian might have already crossed the 100K line. Last July, the Census Bureau estimated the Treasure Valley city had 95,623 residents, and the local estimate this April by COMPASS – the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho – put the population at a little over 98,000.

According to KTVB and data from COMPASS, Meridian is growing at a rate of about 19 new residents per day. At that pace, the city welcomed its 100,000th resident July 1.

The city has been growing like a weed in the last two decades. Meridian’s Mayor says when she was first elected in 2004, the town had 42,000 residents.

Nampa, Meridian's neighbor, is growing at a good clip too. Last year the Census Bureau put the population at a little over 91,000; this April COMPASS said it was close to 97,000.

Nampa could cross the 100,000 threshold next year. If the two communities reach 100,000, they'd be the second and third to do so in Idaho. Boise surpassed a population of 100,000 around 1979.

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