U of I Grad Sends Equipment To Mars

Aug 3, 2012

The Mars Rover, Curiosity, lands on the red planet on Sunday. One of the people instrumental to the mission is University of Idaho alum Matt Braley . His resume includes eight years in the Air Force, an Electrical engineering degree from the U of I, and his current work with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA. Braley is in Pasadena, California anxiously awaiting the touchdown of Curiosity on the surface of Mars.

He grew up near JPL in California, and dreamed of putting something into orbit.  Now, he says his dream has come true...

Matt Braley’s next project is an earth orbiter called SMAP, or Soil Moisture Active Passive, that launches in 2014.  It’s mission is to tell where the moisture lies on the earth’s surface to help scientists better understand the climate. 

Braley says the Mars Rover mission has been surreal and exciting at the same time.  He says he’ll be watching Sunday night, to see if the Rover lands successfully on Mars.

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