Update: Featherville Still Without Lights

Aug 15, 2013

UPDATE 9:40 a.m.: Idaho Power reports power was restored to the Lester Creek area and the Anderson Ranch Bluffs subdivision on Wednesday afternoon after the Elk Complex burned poles. Fall Creek and Pine should have power by Thursday evening, while the area north of Featherville is still too dangerous to access.

Areas near Mountain Home and Prairie got electricity back on Wednesday as well. The Pony Complex had destroyed 37 power poles in that area.

Idaho Power linemen work to restore power after wildfires moved through the area.
Credit Idaho Power

ORIGINAL POST: Nearly 700 households are without power after the Elk and Pony Complex fires moved through southern Idaho. Residents in the Pine area may have to wait until the weekend to get their electricity back.

“These fires are pretty extreme, but our crews are definitely used to dealing with fires and these kinds of conditions," says Idaho Power spokesman Kevin Winslow. "You know, unfortunately [wildfires are] something that Idahoans are used to dealing with.”

Winslow says the Elk Complex burned 45 poles that serve Pine and Featherville. Winslow says even more were destroyed south of the Anderson Ranch Dam. Near Mountain Home, the Pony Complex has shut off the lights to 85 homes.

“In both areas, the crews that are on the ground right now are working 16-hour days and they are working as quickly and as safely as possible to try and get power restored.”

Winslow says the steep and rugged terrain is making it hard to quickly restore power. The company clears out excess fuels around poles to keep fires away. But these blazes were too intense to avoid damage.

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