Washington State Confirms ‘Wenatchee Wolf Pack’

Mar 28, 2013

Washington officials confirmed a new wolf pack outside Wenatchee this week. But the pack has already run into trouble with ranchers.

The new Wenatchee Pack in central Washington makes 10 confirmed packs in the state.

Trail cameras spotted two wolves on an area ranch this weekend. Tuesday a pregnant cow was found dead on the same property.

Matt Monda is with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. He says the department could not determine whether wolves killed the cow.  “We don’t see any teeth marks in it that left a traumatic wound that would indicate that it was killed by a wolf.”

But, he says, one likely fed off the cow after it died.

Monda says the department will continue to monitor the new pack. There are six wolf packs in Oregon and 101 resident wolf packs in Idaho.

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