Wild Male Turkey Makes Downtown Boise Home

May 9, 2014

Male turkeys normally weigh between 16 and 24 pounds.
Credit Steve Voght / Flickr Creative Commons

State wildlife biologists aren't sure where a wild male turkey came from, but there's no denying it has decided to call downtown Boise home.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman Steve Liebenthal says the agency has been getting reports this week about the bird that has been making appearances in various locations.

Liebenthal says it's turkey mating season so the turkey might have traveled to the frenetic downtown Boise area in search of a mate.

Liebenthal says that might also explain why the bird tends to stare at its own reflection, possibly sizing up a perceived competitor.

Jeff Plegge spotted the turkey and describes him as very photogenic with a tendency to pose.

Wildlife officials say that if they capture him they'll move him to a more suitable location.