Wildfire Evacuees In Idaho Go Home, Temporarily

Aug 28, 2012

Residents of Pine and Featherville -- who've been evacuated because of a wildfire - were temporarily allowed back in their homes Tuesday.   Officials say it's still too smokey and risky to let them back in for good.

The Trinity Ridge Fire has threatened these communities for days now. At more than 132,000 acres, fire crews now have it 10 percent contained. They've shored up a six mile stretch through Featherville and south to Pine. 

Crews and a dozer Monday completed a line between Wagontown and Green Creeks. Tuesday firefighters plan to burnout from that line east to Pine-Featherville Road as conditions allow. They plan to continue those efforts until early Wednesday morning.

There are 1,456 personnel assigned on this wildfire. The blaze is expected to burn through early October.

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