Winter Finally Comes To Idaho

Jan 17, 2012


A major winter storm will cover Southern Idaho over the next few days.  Jay Breidenbach is with the National Weather Service.  He says the conditions are just right for snow.

Jay Breidenbach “There is a tremendous surge of moisture, originating out over the tropical pacific ocean, streaming up past the Hawaiian Islands, that is gonna be streaming right into the region, over top of cold air that’s in place, had a pretty strong front come through over the weekend, those are the two ingredients you need for a winter storm, cold air and a good source of moisture.”

Breidenbach calls this a “heavy snow event” especially for the mountains.  But the valleys will also see a few inches on the ground too.

Jay Breidenbach “3 to 6 inches likely in valley locations, possibly changing to rain on Wednesday night, likely rain on Thursday, mainly heavy snow in the mountains, 10 to 16 inches in the mountain towns, 24 to 36 inches above 6000 feet.”

The National Weather Service predicts that before this multi day storm is over, McCall could get up to 16 inches of snow. The Magic Valley could have up to eight inches, and the Treasure Valley… around six.  Elevations around 7,000 feet could get up to 40 inches of snow.


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