A Year On The Ragged Edge Of The West With Author Bryce Andrews

Oct 7, 2014

This Reader's Corner interview initially was broadcast in January, 2014.

During the summer of 2007, a city kid from Seattle lived out an adventure most wannabe cowboys only dream of.

Bryce Andrews spent a year working on the Sun Ranch — an expansive area of rangeland in the breathtaking wilderness of southwest Montana — mending fences, riding horses, roping cattle and transforming himself into a true ranch hand. It fulfilled his heart’s desire to live among the wild. And, as Andrews writes, it “might have been a simple, pretty story, if not for the wolves.”

In his gripping memoir, Badluck Way: A Year on the Ragged Edge of the West, Andrews takes us through a grueling year on the remote ranch.

He introduces us to its high valleys and mountain peaks, and carries us along on his inescapable collision course with a wolf, and a decision that would haunt him long after the encounter.

Bryce Andrews was born in Seattle. He lives and writes from southwest Montana, where he manages a conservation-oriented cattle ranch and spends a great deal of time considering and tending to the needs of animals.

He has appeared on Montana Public Radio and PBS and his essays and short works have been published in High Country News, Big Sky Journal, Camas Magazine, and Backpacker.

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