Youth Lagoon Set To Play Final U.S. Show In Boise

Feb 2, 2016

In the note posted on social media Monday, Trevor Powers told fans “youth lagoon is complete.” The Boise musician, who attained wide national acclaim for his debut album entitled "The Year Of Hibernation" and subsequent two albums, says his upcoming tour is his last one as Youth Lagoon. The band starts their European tour later this week.

The statement goes on to explain “it’s odd to realize that something you’ve created can have the power of wrapping a leash around your neck & holding you hostage.” For Oakland-based music blogger Nick Peterson, this sentiment stands out.

“It think it comes down to what he wanted to get out of it, and maybe it turned into something different," says Peterson. "Only he would know that. But you know, if it began as just a creative outlet and turned into this thing that brought him a lot of attention and a lot of pressure and a lot of stress, I could see you wanting to move on from that.”

Peterson says it’s fitting that Boise will be the last American city Youth Lagoon performs in, but that's not likely to be the last we hear from him. The band is set to play Treefort Music Fest in March.

"Just because [Powers is] not going to be making music under the Youth Lagoon name doesn't mean he won't be making music period. I think in a lot of situations like this, the person is freed up to help with production duties or do other projects that could bring light to the Boise music scene in other ways, besides just a Youth Lagoon album."

Check out Youth Lagoon's recent Tiny Desk Concert at NPR Music.

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