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Bob Kustra's Idaho Statesman Column
4:06 pm
Tue March 13, 2012

"Money Well Spent?" By Michael Grabell

When Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, it became the largest economic recovery plan in U.S. history. Since then, the package known as “the stimulus” has been criticized for funding questionable projects and for massive inefficiencies, and praised for creating jobs and funding real improvements.

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Reader's Corner
2:35 pm
Fri March 9, 2012

Interview with Deborah Blum

Author of "The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York"

Reader's Corner
4:24 pm
Fri March 2, 2012

Interview with Michael Grabell

Author of "Money Well Spent?  The Truth Behind the Trillion-Dollar Stimulus, the Biggest Economic Recovery Plan in History"

Reader's Corner
9:01 am
Fri February 24, 2012

Interview with Neil Lanctot

Author of "Campy: The Two Lives of Roy Campanella"

Reader's Corner
10:42 am
Tue February 21, 2012

Deadly Embrace by Bruce Riedel

With the death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011 and challenges to current United States policy in the region, the relationship between the United States and Pakistan has come under intense scrutiny.

The bond between the two long has been complicated by differing worldviews.

Distrust, betrayal and enmity have flared on both sides, balanced by periods of mutual reliance and occasional affability.

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Reader's Corner
2:49 pm
Fri February 10, 2012

Interview with Tim Woodward

Guest: Tim Woodward, longtime Idaho Statesman columnist and author of “Destination Idaho”

Reader's Corner
3:35 pm
Fri February 3, 2012

Interview with Donovan Hohn

Author of “Moby Duck: The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea and of the Beachcombers, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, and Fools, Including the Author,Who Went in Search of Them”

Reader's Corner
3:58 pm
Fri January 27, 2012

Interview with Joseph A. McCartin

Author of “Collision Course: Ronald Reagan, the Air Traffic Controllers and the Strike that Changed America”

Reader's Corner
4:46 pm
Fri January 20, 2012

Interview with Mark Adams

Author of “Turn Right at Machu Picchu: Rediscovering the Lost City One Step at a Time”

Reader's Corner
5:28 pm
Fri January 13, 2012

Interview with Michael Mandelbaum

Co-author of "That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back."

Reader's Corner
5:41 pm
Mon January 2, 2012

Interview with Mitchell Zuckoff

Author of “Lost in Shangri-La: A True Story of Survival, Adventure and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II”

Reader's Corner
9:23 am
Fri December 30, 2011

Interview with Jill Jonnes

Author of "Eiffel's Tower"

Reader's Corner
9:30 am
Fri December 23, 2011

Interview with Bridget Stutchbury

Author of "Silence of the Songbirds"

Reader's Corner
9:35 am
Fri December 16, 2011

Interview with Charles C. Mann

Author of "1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created"

Reader's Corner
9:42 am
Fri December 9, 2011

Interview with Kristin Downey

Author of "The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life and Legacy of Francis Perkins"

Reader's Corner
9:46 am
Fri December 2, 2011

Interview with Jim Rasenberger

Author of "The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs"

Reader's Corner
9:50 am
Fri November 25, 2011

Interview with Joseph Nye

Author of "The Future of Power"

Reader's Corner
10:56 am
Fri November 4, 2011

Interview with Peter Van Buren

Author of "We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People"

Reader's Corner
11:05 am
Fri October 28, 2011

Interview with Connor Grennan

Author of "Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal"

Reader's Corner
11:10 am
Fri October 14, 2011

Interview with Steven Galloway

Author of "The Cellist of Sarajevo"