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Story Story Night is a storytelling phenomenon based in Boise, Idaho, with live events showcasing true stories on a theme, told live on stage and without notes. 

As a proud longtime partner of the program, Boise State Public Radio recorded and hosted a two-year span of Story Story Night podcasts, dating from the start of the program to April 2012. 

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Featuring Bill Rath And Story Slammer Dean Worbois

Sep 12, 2011

Featured storyteller Bill Rath sees a spark of Fijian fires in the aftermath of the first trade center bombing. Story slammer Dean Worbois plays with the limits of spontaneous combustion.

Featured storyteller Claudia Nelson lights a back burn after rising from the ashes of an international Ponzi scheme. Story slam winner Leo Hennessy carries a torch for native uprisings.

Crystal Moore — caped crusader risks it from the rocks on the Payette River

Misty Love — future fiancee nearly drowns in a lake of love

Kelly Smith — English teacher TS123′s her way down the Middle Fork of the Salmon

Featuring Mat Erpelding And Story Slammer Jackson Reed

Aug 15, 2011

Featured storyteller Mat Erpelding navigates the crash of hurricane and ego on the gulf sea and story slammer Jackson Reed floats astray and risks watering down Victoria Falls.

Featuring Carly Oppie And Story Slammer Chuck Chappell

Aug 8, 2011

Featured storyteller Carly Oppie thrashes against the flow as a teenaged, then full-blown, bulimic. Story slammer Chuck Chappell embarks on a fishing expedition that nearly suctions the life out of him.

Featured storyteller duo Andrea and Josh Bogle dive into marriage and survival during an ill-fated tour of Redfish Lake. Story slam winner Troy Schultz raids a shelter with a storm.

Featuring Story Slammers Brenda Adams And Lisa Sanchez

Jul 25, 2011

Story slammer Brenda Adams struggles with the loss of breath control. Story slammer Lisa Sanchez flies in the face of the status quo.

Featured storyteller Molly Mettler pines for then pilots the Goodyear blimp. Story slammer Carrie Bastian falls out of plane view.

Featuring Blook Slee And Story Slammer Jennifer Drake

Jul 11, 2011

Featured storyteller Blook Slee experiences a bloodcurdling tempest on the reservation. Story slammer Jennifer Drake flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

Featuring Larry Chase And Story Slammer David Guiotto

Jul 4, 2011

Featured storyteller Larry Chase is grounded by an epic New York nor’easter. Story slam winner David Guiotto feels the weightiness of high elevations.

Featured storyteller Jenah Thornborrow embodies the spirit of her father abroad then at home. Story slammer Richard Mussler-Wright passes down the story, story facts of life.

Featuring John McKetta And Story Slammer Sara Haas

Jun 13, 2011

Featured storyteller John McKetta, after decades of parental grooming to the contrary, comes out straight. Story slammer Sara Haas steers straight with driving direction from dear old Dad.

Featured storyteller Emma Arnold employs an unconventional parenting tactic with her not-so-brave son. Story slam winner Shereé Whiteley experiences the subtleties of maternal guile, south of the border style.

Featuring Kate Riley

Jun 1, 2011

Kate Riley Story Story Studio instructor Kate Riley gains life lessons as the daughter of a preacher man.

Story slammer Matt Erpelding faces the ride of his life. Story slammer Marty Camberlango channels the spirit of his grandpa.