Story Story Night

Story Story Night is a storytelling phenomenon based in Boise, Idaho, with live events showcasing true stories on a theme, told live on stage and without notes. 

As a proud longtime partner of the program, Boise State Public Radio recorded and currently hosts a two-year span of Story Story Night podcasts below, dating from the start of the program to April 2012. 

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Stories of Cravings and Compulsions
10:36 am
Mon January 31, 2011

Guest Storyteller Charmagne Westcott

Charmagne Westcott shares the confessions and conclusions of a diehard nicotine addict.

Stories of Returning
10:39 am
Mon January 24, 2011

Featuring Story Slammers Gregory Wallingford and Mary Luzinski

Story slammer Gregory Wallingford offers up a mouthful of a metaphor in his moral of a story about family homecomings. Story slammer Mary Luzinski finds home in the air and all the compelling places to land.

Stories of Returning
11:31 am
Mon January 17, 2011

Featuring Story Slammers Josh Gross and David Hale

Story slammer Josh Gross returns to a hometown populated by strange bedfellows.  Story slammer David Hale finds that the grass isn't always greener when at your parent's house.

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Stories of Returning
10:46 am
Mon January 10, 2011

Featuring Mat Erpelding And Story Slammers Tom Lloyd And Jason Hudson

Featured storyteller Mat Erpelding spends one exposed Christmas on a return climb in Zion. Story slammers Tom Lloyd and Jason Hudson run on empty and under misdirection on a return trail “home.”

Stories of Returning
10:51 am
Mon January 3, 2011

Featuring Angela Baker And Story Slammer Lizzy Duffy

Featured storyteller Angela Baker goes to the eclectic home of her eccentric 95-year-old grandmother. Story slam winner Lizzy Duffy returns to the scene of a foreign exchange.

Stories of Returning
11:18 am
Mon December 27, 2010

Guest Storyteller Dan Costello

Musician Dan Costello presents an original work on the theme “Going Home” for the holidays.

Stories of Letting Go
11:21 am
Mon December 20, 2010

Featuring Nick Schossow And Story Slammer Josh Gross

Featured storyteller Nick Schossow lets go of the carefree college life with a surprise addition to the scene. Story slammer Josh Gross learns to live without his Vanilla Ice idolatry.

Stories of Letting Go
11:26 am
Mon December 13, 2010

Featuring Julie Peach And Story Slammer Debra Smith

Featured storyteller Julie Peach recounts lessons learned with the dying of the light. Story slammer Debra Smith lives without then lets go of this consumer American life.

Stories of Letting Go
11:30 am
Mon December 6, 2010

Featuring Klaudia Saric And Story Slammer Claudia Nelson

Featured storyteller Klaudia Saric tells about losing her country of Bosnia to war, then gaining a whole new world. Story slam winner Claudia Nelson recounts a moving story about the strength of the human spirit in the aftershocks of living without.

Stories of Letting Go
11:34 am
Mon November 29, 2010

Featuring Storyteller Jessica Holmes

Story Story Night host and marketing director Jessica Holmes shares the sensory experiences of a shy American teenager living without language one winter in Russia.

Stories of Letting Go
11:38 am
Mon November 22, 2010

Featuring Dan Costello And Kelly Lynae Robinson And Story Slammer Greg Duffy

Dan Costello and Kelly Lynae Robinson, our first-ever duo featured storytellers from August’s ON THE ROAD, tell a story about living without gigs, then letting go of gear, guitars and inhibitions on one ill-fated tour. Story slammer Greg Duffy from September’s WHITE LIES shares a poignant moment about living without consciousness and a dogs, both temporary conditions.

Stories of the Uncanny
11:43 am
Mon November 15, 2010

Featuring Nick Garcia And Story Slammer Leo Hennessy

Featured storyteller Nick Garcia offers a revealing peek into the world of a wayward peeping Tom (from April’s Busted). Story slammer Leo Hennessy tells a spelunking story with a potentially explosive end.

Stories of the Uncanny
11:46 am
Mon November 8, 2010

Featuring Leslie Kelly And Story Slammer Peter Vomocil

Featured storyteller Leslie Kelly Hall steps out of a shower to a snake, spook and mayhem. Story slammer Peter Vomocil hears a haunting whistle in the attic.

Stories of the Uncanny
12:49 pm
Mon November 1, 2010

Featuring Arlen Donald And Story Slammer Justinian Morton

Featured storyteller Arlen Donald first explores the abandoned haunts of his native Glasgow, Scotland, only to encounter a spooky sight. Story slam winner Justinian Morton next tells a tale that gives weight to the adage, curiosity killed the cat.

Stories of the Uncanny
12:52 pm
Mon October 25, 2010

Guest Storyteller Charmagne Westcott

Charmagne Westcott, a crowd-favorite from June’s Gullibility, shares her haunting tale. Featuring spooky original music by Boise performer Jared Hallock.

Stories of Polite Fiction
12:54 pm
Mon October 18, 2010

Featuring Michael Strickland And Story Slammer Amelia Wright

Featured storyteller Michael Strickland poetically conveys decades of white lies and black lies on the racial divide in America. Story slammer Amelia Wright, still in elementary school, tells a story of her generation about a white lie Wii rivalry.

Stories of Polite Fiction
12:58 pm
Mon October 11, 2010

Featuring Holland Williams And Story Slammer Hobie Swan

Featured storyteller Holland Williams tells the ballad of Harold, the king of white lies and blast powder in the forests of Washington. Story slammer Hobie Swan describes a stint as a seasonal chef serving up white lies and more on a fishing boat in Alaska.

Stories of Polite Fiction
1:01 pm
Mon October 4, 2010

Featuring Katy Gilbert And Story Slammer Bobby Drakos

Featured storyteller Katy Gilbert recounts a series of borderline lies told in route from Amman, Jordan to Damascus, Syria. Story slam winner Bobby Drakos tells a jaw-dropping tale about planes, lies and automobiles in the days following 9/11.

Stories of Polite Fiction
1:04 pm
Mon September 27, 2010

Featuring Tony McKnight And Story Slammer Debra Smith

Featured storyteller Tony McKnight (from June’s gullibility} shows that when the white lies start flaring up from a deceptive six-year-old, so do a few other hazards. Story slammer Debra Smith (from August’s summer theme) tells of the polite fictions that cover up the white lies in the American story.

Stories of Summer
1:07 pm
Mon September 20, 2010

Featuring Clay Morgan And Story Slammer Nathaniel Hoffman

Featured storyteller Clay Morgan goes first, with a story about one fateful summer for a smokejumper and the space program. Story slammer Nathaniel Hoffman is next, with a tale about a series of comical misperceptions in and about the backwoods of Idaho.