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Board Members:

  • Emma Atchley, President
  • Rod Lewis, Vice President
  • Don Soltman, Secretary
  • Bill Goesling
  • David Hill
  • Richard Westerberg
  • Debbie Critchfield
  • Sherri Ybarra, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Committees of the State Board of Education

Instruction, Research, and Student Affairs (IRSA)
Committee Membership:
Chair: Don Soltman
Richard Westerberg
Planning, Policy, and Governmental Affairs (PPGAC)
Committee Membership:
Chair: Richard Westerberg
Emma Atchley
Business Affairs and Human Resources (BAHR)
Committee Membership:
Chair: Rod Lewis
Bill Goesling | Emma Atchley
Audit Committee
Committee Membership:
Chair: Emma Atchley
Bill Goesling | Don Soltman | Mark Heil
Athletics Committee
Committee Membership:
Chair: Bill Goesling
Rod Lewis

Meeting Schedule:

  • Feb. 18-19, 2015
  • April 15-16, 2015
  • May 20-21, 2015
  • June 17-18, 2015
  • August 12-13, 2015
  • Oct. 21-22, 2015

Meeting materials can be found on the Idaho State Board of Education's website.

Agendas for the regular board meetings are made available the Monday prior to the meeting.

The general format of regularly scheduled board meetings, unless otherwise noted, is:

  • Executive session Wednesday evening
  • Open meeting Thursday, all day

Any items that cannot be resolved on Thursday, may be carried over to the following Friday.


Board Members:

  • Cornelia Sprung
  • Dave Fotsch
  • David Lombardi
  • Dede Ryan
  • Emily Walton
  • Kay Alspaugh
  • Kristin Mathews
  • Leta Neustaedter
  • Maria Trebby
  • Marilyn Shuler
  • Shelby Zepeda
  • Shikhar Sarin
  • Susan Giannettino
  • Tony Shallat
  • Vicki Lawson

CAB Meeting Schedule

  • September 10, 2015
  • November 12, 2015
  • January 14, 2016
  • March 10, 2016
  • May 12, 2016

All meetings will take place from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Ron & Linda Yanke Family Research Park, 220 E. Parkcenter Blvd, Boise, Idaho.

Find CAB meeting minutes, and committee bylaws here.

Click here for the CAB compliance document.

You can find our open meeting compliance document here.


Executive Staff:

Peter Morrill, Interim General Manager
(208) 426-1984

Paul Stribling, Associate General Manager/Director of Programming
(208) 426-3745

Kelly Palmer, Director of Development
(208) 426-3616

Larry Newton, Director of Corporate Support
(208) 426-3617

Krista Doble, Director of Finance and Administration
(208) 426-5497

Financial Summary

Each year, Boise State Public Radio is audited by an independent accounting firm which issues a report stating their consideration of the station's internal control over financial reporting and compliance with laws, regulations, contract and grant agreements, and related matters.

While this report contains a great deal of information, we have summarized the most important information in a PDF file.

Click here for Boise State Public Radio's donor policy. Click here for Boise State Public Radio's financial compliance document.

If you would like more detailed information or have questions, please contact us at 208-426-3663.

Boise State Public Radio Local Content and Programming Report, 2014

Boise State Public Radio EEO Stations: KBSU and KBSX (June 1, 2013-May 31, 2014)

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Accessibility Services:

Any person with disabilities who requires assistance with access to the Boise State Public Radio Public Files may call 208-426-3663 with inquiries.