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Boise, ID - Comedian Paula Poundstone is coming to Boise tonight (Friday). She’ll tease the audience at the Egyptian Theatre about their jobs; talk about her kids and she’s likely to mention items in the news. She talks a lot about the news as a frequent panelist on NPR’s news quiz show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.” Poundstone started stand up in 1979. Adam Cotterell asked her how she’s managed to tour successfully for 30 years.

You’ve seen the TV commercials where squirrels talk and dogs bark right on cue. Turns out most of the sounds are made by… people… sound effect masters like Fred Newman.  Newman makes all the fun sounds like lighting up a cigarette or a dripping faucet- that you hear on A Prairie Home Companion. Friday the 26th you can hear Fred Newman create sound effects when Garrison Keillor and the whole cast of A Prairie Home Companion take the stage in Eagle….. Adam Cotterell talked with Newman ahead of the show and asked him what his favorite sound is.


Bike Polo

Aug 3, 2011

In our summer series Let’s Get Physical we’re highlighting unique, even unusual ways to stay active and fit. Today a tournament for a growing sport.

The Idaho Botanical Garden has just joined the “Let’s Move” initiative.  That’s First Lady Michelle Obama’s project to fight childhood obesity through exercise and better nutrition.  As Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright reports, the Garden gets kids “Moving” through a Botany Camp.