Boise Airport

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A southwest Idaho man police say carried a loaded handgun into a security checkpoint at the Boise Airport has been cited with a misdemeanor.

Boise police say Transportation Security Administration agents found the weapon at 5:55 a.m. Thursday and notified police.

Police say they confiscated the weapon from the Nampa man who arrived at the airport to catch a flight to Salt Lake City.

Police didn't release the man's name or provide details on the weapon.

A message left with a police spokeswoman by The Associated Press wasn't immediately returned.

City officials will cut the ribbon this week on the new control tower at the Boise airport. The tower is 268 feet tall, right in between the height of Idaho’s two tallest buildings in downtown Boise. The $30 million facility actually started full operations last month, about five years after construction began.

United Airlines

A passenger who was on board a United Airlines flight last night when the pilot suffered a heart attack says he's "really impressed" with how the rest of the crew handled the situation.

Bryant Magill tells a Seattle TV station (KOMO) that there was no panic on board. He says the flight attendants "kept themselves calm" and "kept it professional."

The plane was on its way from Houston to Seattle when the emergency occurred. An off-duty pilot took over the controls, and the plane was diverted to Boise, Idaho.

A pilot flying a United Airlines jet from Houston to Seattle Thursday night suffered an apparent heart attack and later died in Boise.

About 160 people were on the flight when the medical emergency occurred and the flight was diverted to Boise. A spokeswoman at Saint Alphonsus said early Friday the pilot died at the hospital. The man's name and age are not being released.

Boise Airport To Add Non-Stop Flight To San Diego

Jun 27, 2013
Alaska Airlines

The Boise airport will add a new non-stop flight to its list beginning this fall. Daily, non-stop service from Boise to San Diego starts Nov. 1.

Volkan Alkanoglu Design

Boise is looking for artists to create the city’s first sculpture on a traffic roundabout. The Department of Arts and History is accepting proposals for a project at the new 30th Street extension.

If selected, the artist will be paid $30,000 through a neighborhood reinvestment grant.  

Courtesy of Boise City Department of Arts and History

Idaho’s capital city turns 150 this year and to mark the occasion the ticketing lobby at the Boise Airport will be home to a commissioned mural. The city of Boise will commission the work. A national panel has narrowed the field to proposals from three Idaho artists.

Passengers at the Boise airport are now clear to board their planes. Much of the airport shut down for two hours Tuesday afternoon because of what Boise Police and TSA officials are calling a “credible threat.”

The threat centered on the food court area, which was evacuated. The security checkpoint into the terminal was closed and boarding was halted. Planes that had already been boarded were allowed to take off.

Gordon Stewart / Boise Airport

This time of year is typically the busiest for the Boise Airport. Commercial flights compete with air tankers being used to fight wildfires to get off the ground. And with the thick smoke around Boise, air traffic controllers have to take extra steps to keep flights safe.

Gordon Stewart manages Boise Airport’s Air Traffic Control. Lately, that room has been crazy.

“Overall, it’s kind of a balancing act and I think that, by and large, we make it work,” Stewart says.

Patti Miller / Boise Airport

Imagine you step off a plane into an airport you've never been. You need a bathroom, a cup of coffee, and the gate for your connecting flight.  Which way do you turn?  Now if you’re in the Boise Airport, you can just turn on your smartphone, and follow the map. 

The Boise Airport is small, and easy to negotiate compared to say Los Angeles International. But spokeswoman Patti Miller says if you’ve never been here, you can get lost.