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Several motorcycle deaths throughout the Treasure Valley over the last week or so are causing alarm and raising questions about safety.

In a little over a week, five people around the Valley were killed in motorcycle accidents: three in Boise, one in Canyon County and another in Boise County.

The five deaths in such a short amount of time are particularly surprising given there were just five motorcycle deaths across the Treasure Valley in all of 2010.

Two prosecutors who were elected to positions in Boise and Payette County have already resigned from their posts.

Boise County Prosecutor Ross Pittman, who ran unopposed in Tuesday's election, has resigned and has been appointed to a job at the Payette County Prosecutor's office, The Idaho Statesman reported. Payette County Prosecutor Anne-Marie Kelso has also resigned from her position days after winning her re-election bid.


A federal judge has stopped exploratory drilling in the Boise National Forest near Idaho City that could lead to a large open pit mine. Judge Edward Lodge says the Forest Service did not consider all the environmental impacts before granting a Canadian company permission to drill. Lodge made a similar decision in 2012.

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Few people know the boundaries of the county they live in down to excruciatingly precise detail. But there are people who do know, for things like taxes and map making.  But it turns that out that for a long time nobody knew exactly where Idaho’s most populous county ended and where one of its neighbors began.

By the end of 2016 Ada County surveyor Jerry Hastings expects to be done with what has, so far, been a 12-year project.  He and his Boise County counterparts have been trying to re-establish their boundary.

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Update: Federal prosecutors say a hunter tip led to the recent seizure and arrests of five people accused of illegally growing thousands of marijuana plants on public land in Boise County. U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson also down-sized yesterday the total number of plants confiscated from two grow operations. Local authorities initially reported seizing an estimated 40,000 plants, but Olson said only 5,585 plants were tallied.

Boise National Forest

Firefighters say they made good progress on the Karney fire last night.  The 300 acre fire is burning in the Robie Creek area between Boise and Idaho City. 

Boise National Forest

Updated: 5:45 p.m. August 7, 2012 

Highway 55 north of Banks is closed this afternoon. Rock fall caused by the Springs Fire has shut down a section of that highway from milepost 79 to milepost 82.  "The fire has reached the highway in a few locations," said David Olson with the Boise National Forest in an Idaho Transportation Department press release. " Due to the high risk of rocks hitting vehicles, the highway was closed at approximately 4:45 p.m. Tuesday afternoon."

UPDATE 4:10 PM: The Boise County Sheriff issued a voluntary evacuation notice for people living in the Clear Creek subdivision.  That’s because the  Avalene fire is burning about a mile away from homes.  The subdivision is off Highway 21 about halfway between Boise and Idaho City.

David Olson, a spokesman for Boise National Forest, says the fire has burned 250 acres so far and is not contained.