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More than 20 seats changed hands in the Idaho Legislature  Tuesday. Some House members made the jump to the Senate.  And plenty of new faces will be in the legislature when the session starts in January. 

Boise State political science professor Gary Moncrief says, despite the changes, the makeup of the House and the Senate will be pretty much the same.

22,000 Students At Boise State Break Enrollment Record

Oct 22, 2012
Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

For the first time in its history, Boise State University has more than 20,000 students. Boise State reports fall enrollment stands at 22,678. The previous high enrollment was 19,993 set in 2010.

The jump comes, in part, from counting the more than 2,000 high school students in the concurrent enrollment program. The number includes more than 3,000 graduate students and 2,200 freshmen.  

Boise State Construction Snarls University Drive

Oct 4, 2012
Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

If you visit the Boise State campus this fall, you are likely to run into some construction. Three separate projects are disrupting the flow of traffic on University Drive. At times, parts of the street are down to a single lane with flaggers directing traffic.

Jared Everett is with Campus Planning and Facilities.  One project will link Boise’s geothermal heating system to the University.

Amaura Mitchell

An exhibition of rare books and objects opens August 24 at Boise State University.  “Chapters from the History of the Book,” features 31 books and artifacts from different time periods from all over the world.  Stephanie Bacon directs the Idaho Center for the Book.  She curated the exhibit.

Boise State University

Boise State President Bob Kustra says times are changing for colleges and universities, including his own.  In his tenth annual State of the University Address, Kustra reflected on recent funding cuts, and how the university has responded.  

He told a room full of faculty and staff that he’s as challenged and scared as they are. “These are challenging times, they’re scary times, there’s no question about it.” 

Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

Construction has wrapped up on the new, permanent seating at Boise State’s Bronco Stadium.  Crews spent parts of the spring and summer constructing the new bleachers on the stadium’s north and south end zones.  The $3 million upgrade will add 3,500 seats total, and expand the stadium’s capacity to 37,000.

Max Corbet is an assistant athletic director at BSU.  He says the project has changed the feel of the stadium. 

Author John Gerassi has reportedly died.  Gerassi wrote the book “The Boys of Boise,” about the city's 1955 scandal involving homosexual men. 

The scandal began in late October that year. “On Halloween night, the police in Boise arrested several men on charges of having sex with teenage boys," says Alan Virta, a retired archivist from Boise State University.

Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

Fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A is the target of protests and boycotts across the country. The company’s CEO recently angered gay rights activists with statements opposed to same sex marriage and his financial support for anti-gay marriage groups. Chick-fil-A is a privately owned company but what happens when that private company meets a public institution?

Broncos Again Picked To Win Mountain West

Jul 24, 2012

The Boise State football team has again been picked to win the Mountain West Conference.  Media members selected the Broncos as the preseason favorites during the conference’s annual media days that kicked off Tuesday morning in Las Vegas.  This is the final year the Broncos will play in the Mountain West before leaving for the Big East.  It’s the fifth straight year Boise State has been picked to finish first. 

Boise State University

In two years, the college football postseason will be getting an overhaul.  The Bowl Championship Series will disappear in favor of a small playoff.  The change is expected to benefit Boise State, and could also affect the school's planned moved to the Big East Conference. 

On Tuesday, college presidents approved a set of rules that will mean four teams -  instead of two - will get a chance to compete for the national championship, starting with the 2014 season. 

Boise State Budgets For Flat Enrollment

May 3, 2012
Boise State University, campus
Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

Friday Boise State University’s President goes before students and faculty to talk about the school’s 2013 budget. That includes a tuition increase and, for the first time in years, a boost in state funding. BSU’s increase from the state is larger than either ISU or the University of Idaho in part because it’s had faster student growth. 

Boise State University

College football officials decided last week on a four-team playoff system for the 2014 season.  This move will help teams like Boise State. 

Max Corbet is a spokesman for Boise State’s Athletics Department.  He says,  "I think, for the fans, this is what they’ve been looking for."  

College football fans haven’t been shy about their distaste for the current system of crowning a champion.  That system uses polls and computer rankings to pick two teams to play against each other.  In the new system, four teams will compete for a chance at the championship game. 

Boise State’s Andrus Center Gets New Leader

Apr 26, 2012

Boise State’s Andrus Center for Public Policy has a new director. David Adler will take the reins of the nonpartisan center in July. Adler has spent the past two years as founding director of the McClure Center for Public Policy at the University of Idaho. Before that he taught political science at Idaho State University.

Idaho’s Board of Education gave the state’s universities the go ahead Wednesday to raise tuition. This spring a full time student at Boise State University paid nearly $2,800 in tuition and fees, a little more at the University of Idaho.

“Right now in total student tuition and fees they’re paying $2,928. They will be paying 3,106,” says Keith Ickes the University of Idaho’s budget director. He says that tuition increase will start this fall thanks to Wednesday’s State Board of Education decision. The University asked for and got permission to raise tuition by 6.1 percent.

Idaho Universities Want To Raise Tuition, Again

Apr 17, 2012
Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

Wednesday Idaho’s universities will ask the State Board of Education to raise student tuition. Meanwhile, the state has already signed off on an increase to higher education for the first time in several years. The universities say that financial boost doesn’t cover operating expenses.

Chris Rosenbaum points to columns of numbers on the printout on her desk. It shows Boise State University’s budget going back longer than some of its students have been alive. But the school’s Executive Budget Director says two numbers stand out.