12:43 pm
Thu August 29, 2013

Idaho Farm To Stop Selling Overly Drugged Cows

Credit Ambersky235 / Flickr Creative Commons

Two Idaho cattle operations have agreed to stop drugging cows at high enough levels that the medications could pass to humans after a federal lawsuit.

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10:44 am
Wed October 3, 2012

Drought, Wildfires Force Ranchers To Look For Efficiencies

University of Idaho Professor Rod Hill and part of the university's purebred herd.
Tom Banse Northwest News Network

The people who raise cattle destined to become steak or hamburger on your dinner plate are feeling the pinch. Wildfires this summer have scorched more than a million acres of Northwest rangeland. In addition, the Midwest drought is driving up feed costs across the board.

Now ranches and feedlots are looking to cut their feed costs in the short term.  And longer term, have an eye on making the cattle themselves more efficient.

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10:53 am
Fri April 27, 2012

Birders and Burgers: An Unlikely High Desert Partnership

Colby Marshall and his family are trying to breed smaller cattle, like these young steers, that can thrive on just desert grass. It’s one of the ways the Broken Circle Ranch owners are trying to prepare for the next drought and help wildlife.
Anna King Northwest News Network

In the remote valleys of southeast Oregon both birds and cattle flourish. This is where mountain streams feed an oasis of lakes and marshes in the high desert. Cattle ranchers and wildlife advocates have been fighting over that valuable grassland for decades. Now, they’ve struck a delicate truce that keeps both birds and burgers in mind.

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