Idaho's been trying to get a waiver from the federal education law called No Child Left Behind. In it, schools get a pass or fail designation based on standardized test scores. That's something Idaho wants to change and the state isn't waiting for the waiver. It's already created a new rating system. The first results were released a month ago, and one school says the system isn't fair.

The Boise District School Board voted to oppose the Students Come First Legislation in a symbolic gesture Tuesday afternoon. Referenda that would reverse the legislation will be on the ballot in November.

President A.J. Balukoff says that the board has an obligation to talk publicly on how the Students Come First laws would impact students in Boise.  

“We don’t think they will have a good effect on the students of not only the Boise School District but other districts around the state.”

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The Nampa School District says the book “Like Water for Chocolate” is inappropriate for high school sophomores. It’s banning the book from the curriculum.

The 1989 book by Mexican author Laura Esquivel includes vivid descriptions of sexual arousal. Nampa School District spokeswoman Allison Westfall says over the weekend, administrators reviewed the passages after receiving complaints.

Nampa’s school superintendent Gary Larsen said  Monday that he's resigning. A spokesperson for The Nampa School District says Larsen hopes the move will restore public trust in how the district manages its finances.

Last month Larsen announced that an accounting error had resulted in a  $2.8  million shortfall going into the new school year.

Larsen credited the error to the district financial office being understaffed. He took responsibility for that situation. Tuesday night Nampa’s school board will hold a special meeting on whether to accept Larsen’s resignation.

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Idaho’s most recent high school grads exceeded national averages on the SAT. The company that administers the college entrance exam released numbers Monday. 

Students who graduated in 2012 beat the national SAT scores by wide margins in all three subject areas.

Idaho 2012 grads:

  • Critical Reading – 547
  • Math – 541
  • Writing – 525

National 2012 grads:

One of the big questions surrounding the Students Come First referendum has been what will happen to teacher bonuses if voters reject the laws on November 6th.  The laws institute bonuses for teachers for things like improved student test scores and working in positions that are difficult to fill. Now Idaho’s Secretary of State Ben Ysursa says those bonuses will go out regardless of the outcome of the vote.

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Everything about Concordia is new. The leather spines of the library books look un-cracked and the furniture looks like catalogue pictures. But Spencer Lay has been around the block. He's an ex-marine who did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Boise's first three year law school is now teaching classes and Lay is a member of Concordia Law School's first class

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We hear a lot about childhood obesity. Now one Idaho school is being honored for its efforts to fight it. Tuesday Middleton Middle School will receive the Gold Award of Distinction from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its commitment to promoting healthy living. Middleton is only the second Idaho school to achieve that level after Jerome in 2009. Principal Molly Burger says her school has implemented all the nutrition guidelines from the USDA, things like switching to whole grain.

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As a group, property owners in Meridian and Eagle will pay half a million dollars more this year. That’s because the state’s largest school district passed an emergency levy this week. This type of levy does not require voter approval. School boards can pass them if student enrollment exceeds expectations.

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Idaho’s SAT scores dropped this year. That’s what the state’s Department of Education expected. Monday the department released the results of its first statewide SAT day.

In April the state paid for all high school juniors to take the college entrance exam. It’s part of new graduation requirements for the class of 2013. Only two other states do this.

Nearly 17,000 Idaho juniors took the test this year.

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The online encyclopedia Wikipedia may be frowned upon in most classrooms because it’s not seen as authoritative in the classic sense. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a go-to source of information for millions of people around the world. So what do you do if you see a Wiki page that you think is inaccurate?

The latest community college enrollment numbers may hold a clue to what’s happening in the Northwest’s economy. Some two-year institutions in the region are seeing the first decline in class registration since the recession.

At the bookstore at North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene, the piles of textbooks students buy are kind of like a bar graph for the local unemployment rate.

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Idaho’s School Superintendent wants the state to spend 5.1 percent more on education next year. Tom Luna released his proposed budget Thursday for fiscal year 2014. In January he’ll ask lawmakers to approve it.

Idaho’s department of education released two sets of results Friday providing different views of how the state’s schools are doing. The first is the annual Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, report. AYP is based on testing goals set by the state but those are largely dictated by the federal No Child Left Behind law. Under AYP a school either passes or fails, and failure comes with penalties.

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Education in Idaho got another nod from Jeb Bush at the Republican National Convention this week.

Wednesday the former Florida governor held a fundraiser. Some of the money will go to the campaign to keep Idaho’s Student’s Come First laws.