Idaho Has To Haggle With Potential Computer Suppliers

Jul 1, 2012
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About 6,500 Idaho high school teachers are scheduled to get laptops this fall as part of the state’s Students Come First education laws. All the state's high school students will then get computers over the next few years. But the state still doesn’t know who will provide all that hardware along with the training and maintenance. Last week the state had to change its tactics for finding a provider after it failed to get enough qualified bidders.

Idaho’s No Child Left Behind Waiver Still Pending

Jun 29, 2012
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Five more states got waivers Friday from the federal No Child Left Behind education law. Idaho was not among them.

The battle has been joined between those who want to keep Idaho’s Students Come First education laws and those who want voters to repeal them in November. Repeal supporters launched their “Vote No on Propositions 1, 2 and 3” campaign Tuesday. Supporters of the laws have hired a campaign and lobbying firm to make the case for keeping the laws in place.

Opponents of Idaho’s Students Come First education laws launched their campaign Tuesday morning to repeal those laws. Under a banner reading "Vote No On Propositions 1,2, and 3" speakers decried aspects of the three laws.

Idaho Educators Examine Flipped Classrooms

Jun 25, 2012
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Educators from all over Idaho meet in Boise Tuesday and Wednesday to talk about creating 21st century classrooms. One of the themes of the EduStat conference is flipping education.

Boise Grad: I Can’t Think About Myself Anymore

Jun 24, 2012
Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

We’ve been talking to Idaho students who have recently graduated from high school about what’s on their minds as they prepare for the next chapters in their lives.

Kassandra Ibarra got pregnant at 16. She dropped out of high school, but after her son was born she decided she needed an education to give him “the future he deserves.” When she got pregnant again she stayed in school and recently graduated from Boise’s Marian Pritchett School.

Idaho’s Blaine County School District has accused a Seattle company of racketeering. The district contracted with building company McKinstry to perform energy saving upgrades in eight district buildings for more than 15 million dollars. After the work was done the company sued the district claiming it hadn’t been paid all it was owed. Blaine County School District Business Manager Mike Chatterton says McKinstry violated their contract.

Board Of Ed Has A Plan To Get More Idahoans A Degree

Jun 22, 2012

Idaho’s State Board of Education Thursday approved a plan to get more students to go on to college. It’s called Complete College Idaho and its goal is for 60 percent of Idahoans between 25 and 34 years of age to have a post-secondary degree or certificate by 2020. It includes reforms to college remediation programs and measures to decrease the amount of time it takes to earn a degree or certificate. The Board of Ed held focus groups and sent out surveys to students, teachers, businesses, and community groups to get feedback on the plan before it was approved.

Treasure Valley Students Fired Up About Science

Jun 21, 2012
Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

Friday two dozen high school students from the Treasure Valley will present research they’ve done as part of a summer science program. Their research helps government agencies make wildfire decisions.

Bailey Maier displays a poster featuring maps of the World Center for Birds of Prey. They show what plants grow where. Maier points to one map heavily shaded in red. It’s cheatgrass she says. The red is where the invasive weed grows in heavy concentration.

List Of Best High Schools Includes Six From Idaho

Jun 21, 2012

Six Idaho schools make this year’s list of best high schools in the country, according to the Washington Post. North Star Charter in Eagle comes in at 82nd out of the 2,000 top schools listed. Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy shows up next at 116th place. All four of Boise’s traditional high schools made the list for the third consecutive year. Boise High was the best of those at 402nd place. Timberline squeaked in to the top thousand but Capital and Borah show up more than 700 slots further down.

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 Idaho does worse than any other state when it comes to encouraging pregnant and parenting students to finish high school. That’s the finding in a study released this week by the National Women’s Law Center.

Idaho City Grads Nervous, Excited About Future

Jun 18, 2012
Tammie Ogden

As summer gets underway, this year's high school graduates are beginning the next chapters of their lives. Take Ian Woodruff, Laura Coleman, and Mallory Nelson. These three friends from Idaho City have lived in the mountain town of a few hundred people all their lives. All three head off to different colleges in the next few months. That brings excitement and trepidation. They worry about paying for school, making friends and finding jobs after they graduate from college. 

Lapwai Dads Go To School To Help Kids

Jun 15, 2012

Sunday is Father’s Day, when we think about all the things our dads have done for us. In one north Idaho community  dads are trying to do a lot more for their school and their kids.

Leotis McCormack’s 9 year old son started getting in trouble at school last fall. That did not go over well with McCormack, an officer with the Nez Perce Tribal Police in Lapwai. But it wasn’t just his son, many of his son’s friends were acting out at school as well. McCormack wanted to help.

Members of Idaho’s state legislative budget committee are on a fact- finding tour of locations in north central Idaho this week.

The delegation is making the rounds in places like Moscow and Orofino, with the intent being to better understanding issues and budget requests that will come up in the next legislative session.

Nampa Schools Try Again To Get More Money From Voters

Jun 13, 2012

The Nampa School District hopes the second time will be the charm. In August the district will ask voters for more money even though a previous attempt failed earlier this year.

This time Nampa schools are asking voters for $1.6 million. Compare that to the $3.58 million request Nampa voters rejected in March. The district thinks that smaller number will be easier to swallow.