Idaho’s Superintendent of Education is in the halls of Congress Tuesday. Tom Luna testifies before a Senate committee on No Child Left Behind.  Congress is working on an overhaul of the law that governs the nation’s schools.

Tom Luna “What I’m going to tell them is this reauthorization is the right step because it’s a step towards returning the governing of our schools back to states and local school districts. ”

Idaho’s Board of Education voted Thursday that students will have to take two online courses to graduate high school. The requirement is unique in the nation. Education Board spokesman Mark Browning says there is one more step.

Mark Browning " The legislature will get the opportunity to review the rule in January. If and when the legislature approves of it, then it becomes a permanent rule. And should they choose to reject it then we would have to start over but for right now it is in place, it’s done.”

Boise, ID - Boise High School was the only school in Idaho to make the list of best High Schools for Math and Science from US News and World Report. Boise High came in 200th on the list of 208.

Boise High principal Amy Kohlmeier was surprised when asked  about her school being one of the best for math and science.

Amy  Kohlmeier “I was surprised because I hadn’t heard the news. But I wasn’t surprised that we made it because we do have a very strong AP program.”

Boise, ID - The cost to go to college continues to rise in Idaho and across the country. So many students end up taking out loans. Wednesday President Obama outlined a plan to help students who’ve had to take out loans to pay for school. That includes Boise State student Misty Love-Ingelstrom who studies inside on this chilly fall day. She’s an almost-Sophomore geology major. Love-Ingelstrom says she already has student loans. By the time she finishes undergrad and grad school she’ll have thousands of dollars of debt.

The state of Idaho could apply for a 50 million dollar grant to improve pre-kindergarten education.  But the state department of Ed doesn’t want it to. That’s what department representatives told other state agencies last week.  Idaho Department of Education spokeswoman Melissa McGrath says the state education department is trying to wean itself off one-time money.  The other reason is preschool is not a priority for Idaho.