10:11 am
Thu December 5, 2013

Report: Idaho Regulators Found Yeast In Chobani Yogurt Months Before Recall

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration report says the Idaho State Department of Agriculture detected abnormalities in yogurt at a Chobani facility two months before the company issued a recall, but state officials say that's not true.

Chobani told grocery stores in late August to destroy 35 varieties of yogurt reported to have been contaminated by a mold associated with dairy products. More than 300 people reported getting sick after eating Greek yogurt produced in Twin Falls.

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12:43 pm
Thu August 29, 2013

Idaho Farm To Stop Selling Overly Drugged Cows

Credit Ambersky235 / Flickr Creative Commons

Two Idaho cattle operations have agreed to stop drugging cows at high enough levels that the medications could pass to humans after a federal lawsuit.

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9:19 am
Mon February 25, 2013

Report: Widespread Seafood Mislabeling

Sushi venues were the least accurate among retailers when it came to accurately labeling the fish they sold, according to Oceana. Of the samples tested nationally, 74 percent of the fish at sushi bars wasn't what it was labeled as.
Credit Oceiana/Flic

That nice piece of fish you might order at a restaurant or pick up from the grocery store may not actually be the type of fish you think it is.

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9:15 am
Tue April 10, 2012

FDA Shuts Down Northwest Cheese Producer

Del Bueno’s queso fresco was recalled in 2010

The Food and Drug Administration has shut down a family-owned Mexican style cheese producer in Washington State . FDA inspectors say Del Bueno isn’t doing enough to prevent Listeria contamination in its products, even after several recalls.

Del Bueno distributes a variety of cheeses to Hispanic food stores across Eastern Washington, the Seattle area, and parts of Oregon.

Jesus Rodriguez and his parents operate Del Bueno out of Grandview, Wash. He says it will cost thousands of dollars to comply with the FDA’s demands.

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