We assemble a panel of Idaho journalists to discuss the week's events in Boise, the Treasure Valley and beyond. This week we're joined by Kevin Richert of Idaho Education News and Betsy Russell and Scott McIntosh of The Idaho Press.


Former Idaho Supreme Court Justice Robert Huntley filed a class action lawsuit against several public school districts in the state of Idaho for charging fees to K-12 students.

The state legislature nearly convened a special session to parse out the details of unresolved issues of flood control on Southwest Idaho rivers. The session was averted and House Speaker Scott Bedke walks us through the issue and the resolution.

  • Idaho Department of Correction Director Henry Atencio discusses overcrowding.
  • A former state supreme court justice files suit on behalf of Idaho students.
  • State House Speaker Scott Bedke narrowly averts a special session.
  • 45 years later, Old Idaho Penitentiary still gets visitors.


This year's Idaho Republican Convention stuck pretty much to script until 26-year-old Dom Gelsomino took the floor and introduced himself as a "Christian, a fellow conservative and Idaho's first openly gay Republican to run for office." 

  • Re-evaluating treatment of post traumatic stress for first responders.
  • Idaho's first openly gay Republican candidate talks about the GOP of 2018.
  • A new entertainment plaza opens in Caldwell.

Gem County Economic Development

President Trump's trade disputes over tariffs and NAFTA provisions have created headaches for numerous sectors of the American economy. Idaho's number one exports to China are manufactured goods and electronic components and we look at how these trade policies are impacting Idaho exports and how tariffs are affecting raw material prices for manufacturers.


The State of Idaho is facing a potentially crippling overcrowded prison population and officials are scrambling for ways to alleviate it. A suggestion to house inmates at National Guard barracks was shot down by Governor Otter. A $500 million expansion project is in discussion. In the meantime, many inamtes are being shipped out of state under contracts to house and feed them elsewhere. State representative Melissa Wintrow (D-19) recently visited the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center and left with some ideas about how to fix the state's corrections system. She joins Idaho Matters to share some of those ideas.

credit tested in idaho

Idaho Commerce is teaming up with the state's manufacturers of outdoor recreational gear to take advantage of the state's rugged terrain and test consumer equipment. From backpacks to snowshoes, kayaks and camp stoves, Tested in Idaho "shines light on Idaho-based recreation technology companies who take their work to the field." We speak with a representative from Idaho Commerce and a participating manufacturer of climbing gear about the program.

  • Tariff wars impacting Idaho manufacturing.
  • A state representative visits a women's prison
  • A Starfleet admiral lands in Boise

We assemble a panel of Idaho journalists to discuss the week's events in Boise, the Treasure Valley and beyond. This week we have Kevin Richert of Idaho Education News, Melissa Davlin from IPTV's Idaho Reports and Scott McIntosh of The Idaho Press.

  • Our team of Idaho reporters break down the week's headlines.
  • The final installment of Our Changing Idaho looks at lessons in growth.
  • BSPR's Tom Michael speaks with a legendary Broadway producer.

Credit Matt Guilhem / Boise State Public Radio

We hear the fourth installment of 'Our Changing Idaho' and talk to BSPR reporter Matt Guilham about a small Idaho town that is neither growing like many Idaho cities, nor shrinking like many American small towns.


The Land Water Conservation Fund was established in 1965 by Congress to provide funds and grants to governments at all levels to purchase of lands for preservation and conservation. The program is funded by off-shore drilling leases and seperation fees. In 2015, Congress chose not to renew the LWCF, and it will run itself out sometime this fall. We discuss the role of the LWCF in preserving the West and its contribution to preservation and conservation in Idaho.


Idaho students saw an improvement in scores on the state's standardized test over the previous year. In the same period, college entrance exam test scores took a dip. We look at why we're seeing disparities in test scores for Idaho high schoolers.