Idaho News

Too Close for Comfort for In-N-Out

Jul 25, 2011

The owner of a mom and pop burger joint in Boise feels the heat from a larger chain that doesn’t even operate in Idaho.  In-N-Out’s lawyers say Burger Express looks a lot like their client’s restaurants.

What’s a Fisher?

Jul 25, 2011

In June, the US Fish and Wildlife Service decided not to list the Fisher as an endangered species.  Most people think this animal is a bird, but actually, it’s a member of the weasel family.  And, as Boise State Public Radio’s Emily Schwing finds, it’s hard to track down.

Boise Parks Board Wants Smoking Ban

Jul 22, 2011

Boise’s Parks and Recreation Board wants to ban smoking in all city parks and the Greenbelt.  Members voted unanimously on a recommendation Thursday. 

Looking South for Anti-Smoking Idea

Jul 21, 2011

Right now one in five Americans smoke.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wants to drop that number to 12 percent.  Idaho has looked to a Southern neighbor for ideas to meet that goal.  Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports.

This week, trail users in Northwest Boise might be surprised to see hundreds of goats grazing amongst the sagebrush.  As Boise State Public Radio’s Emily Schwing reports Idaho’s capitol city has rented the animals to manage a pesky weed.

Measuring Dairy Emissions

Jul 21, 2011

BOISE, ID - A group of Idaho scientists have published some numbers that may shed light on the impact  dairy farms have on air quality.

This summer many of you are river rafting, mountain biking or maybe even hula hooping out in a park.  There are lots of fun ways to stay active during the hot summer months. And we’re checking some of them out in our summer series “Let’s Get Physical.” We begin today with Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki who tries out pole dancing for the first time.

Imagine growing a business with someone you’ve only met on the Internet. And, not seeing that person for years. That’s the level of trust that’s guided a Boise man as he launched Kayako with partners halfway around the world. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports.

The Les Bois Chapter of the American Guild of Organists hosts the annual Western region Convention in Boise this week. The man responsible for the organization is C. Griffith Bratt. He sat down with Boise State Public Radio’s Emily Schwing to talk about how he brought what’s still the valley’s only concert organ to Boise.

Young Boise’s Exciting Future

Jul 5, 2011

Phil Kushlan has helped develop some of Boise’s landmarks like the Basque Block and BoDo. Now, the leader of the city’s urban renewal district retires Wednesday after twelve years on the job. Kushlan talked with Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki about his career and what’s ahead for Idaho’s capitol city.

McGee Pleads Guilty to DUI

Jul 1, 2011

Idaho Senator John McGee plead guilty to Driving Under the Influence Friday. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports on what this means for the four-term lawmaker.

Playing the Horses

Jul 1, 2011

Live horse racing returns to Les Bois Park Saturday. It’s been three years since the last race. As Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports, a clocker, a jockey, and an author are ready for the races.

Wildfire Protection at INL

Jul 1, 2011

New Mexico’s Las Conchas fire has destroyed more than a dozen homes and is threatening Los Alamos National Laboratory. Idaho’s National Laboratory is also no stranger to wildfires. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports.

A miniature plane flew across the desert near Shoshone Thursday. The unmanned craft snapped pictures of sagebrush. Scientists hope to use this test flight to map pygmy rabbit habitat. Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright reports the goal is to help them survive.

It’s the End of the Year As We Know It

Jun 30, 2011

As Adam Cotterell reports Thursday marks the close of another fiscal year for Idaho.