Idaho News

The Last Good War

Jun 23, 2011

He photographed over 400 World War II veterans. Then he took those photos, and the stories behind them, and put them into a book: “The Last Good War: the Faces and Voices of World War II.” Author and photographer Thomas Sanders will speak at the Idaho State Historical Museum Thursday night. He sat down to talk about his book, and the rather graphic image that started the project. A warning to our listeners, Sanders’ story begins with that strong image.

GBAD Approves Funds For Visitors Bureau

Jun 22, 2011

Emotions ran high at Tuesday’s auditorium district board meeting in Boise. The center of drama: Funds for the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports.

County? Check. Now For the Feds.

Jun 21, 2011

The company that wants to build a nuclear power plant in southwest Idaho has cleared its last obstacle at the local level. Payette County commissioners voted Monday afternoon to rezone land for the project. But as Boise State Public Radio’s Adam Cotterell reports, the plant is far from a done deal.

McGee is Free

Jun 20, 2011

State Senator John McGee posted $5,000 bond and was released from the Ada County Jail Monday afternoon. Reactions to his arrest for grand theft and DUI include sympathy from a high-ranking colleague and outrage from a Boise woman. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports.

They decide who you get to vote for in the next general election the Commissioners who sit on the state’s Redistricting panel. They met for the first time Tuesday, in the basement of the Idaho Statehouse. As Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright reports, the commission begins its work an oath.

Idaho Unemployment Dips Slightly

Jun 17, 2011

Idaho’s unemployment rate dropped slightly for the second straight month to 9.4 percent. But as Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports, the economy is still too uncertain for some companies to hire more workers.

Scam Victim’s Daughter Speaks Out

Jun 17, 2011

The elderly can be vulnerable to fraud. A free forum called Scam Jam at Boise State University Friday aims to help them. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki spoke to one woman who helped her father after he got scammed.

Thanks Dad. Love, Boise State Public Radio.

Jun 17, 2011

Father’s Day is this Sunday, the day set aside to thank dads for all they do. Boise State Public Radio’s Adam Cotterell asked his colleagues in the newsroom to thank their dads and he has this about his own father.


Idaho has had a cool, wet spring, while the desert southwest is dry and hot. Arizona’s seeing some of the largest wildfires in its history. That’s includes the Horseshoe 2 blaze in the southeast part of the state. Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright reports with so much of the state on fire, Arizona called for help, and firefighters from Idaho responded.

Ironman (and BCVB) Future Uncertain

Jun 16, 2011

Ironman 70.3 contributes about a million dollars to the local economy. But the future of this and other Boise events may be in jeopardy. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports.

Bushwise In Boise

Jun 14, 2011

A task force to outline details of technology mandates in Idaho’s Students Come First laws started work in Boise this week. That’s despite an effort to repeal the laws. As Boise State Public Radio’s Adam Cotterell reports the task force got some encouragement from some national figures.

Over the next three months, Redistricting Commissioners will redraw the political boundaries. The goal is to make the districts as fair and even as possible. But inevitably, someone somewhere won’t like the final plan. And they’ll sue. Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright reports on why that is.

Looking For Moly

Jun 13, 2011

This week an exploratory project begins in the Boise National Forest that could lead to a large open pit mine near the headwaters of the Boise River. Boise State Public Radio’s Adam Cotterell reports.

Urban Goose Chase

Jun 13, 2011

There isn’t a lot of information about the Canada geese that live in Idaho’s capital city, where they come from and migrate to, and which are the most troublesome. Scientists are banding the birds this week. Boise State Public Radio’s Emily Schwing joined the early morning effort on Monday.

Dreaming of a Year-Round Farmers Market

Jun 10, 2011

Right now is prime time for farmer’s markets around Idaho. But come late fall, those markets close up for the season. A Boise woman wants to change that by building a place where farmers can gather year-round to sell their goods. Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports.