Idaho legislative education leaders brokered a meeting Wednesday between Idaho Education Association representatives and representatives from the Idaho School Boards Association. The groups are at odds over a set of bills the association of school boards has introduced.

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The group that represents Idaho’s school boards asked lawmakers Tuesday to bring back parts of the Students Come First laws. Voters repealed those last November.

The new bill would bring back open meetings for labor negotiations. The same bill would again allow school districts to set contract terms if negotiations with local unions were not concluded by a certain date.

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The group that represents Idaho’s School boards has introduced four bills to the legislature on teacher labor relations. Two of them may sound familiar. They are provisions that were in the Students Come First law that voters rejected last November when they said no to ballot proposition 1.

The bill would require local teachers’ unions to prove each year they represent more than 50 percent of a district’s teachers in order to have collective bargaining. Another limits labor agreement’s to one year.

The Idaho Education Association (IEA) Monday released a set of recommendations for state and local policy makers. During the two year debate over Idaho’s Students Come First laws, which voters repealed in November, the statewide teachers union received frequent criticism for opposing the laws without detailing an alternate plan for school improvement. The IEA’s new document contains more than 80 policy recommendations in nine categories. 

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Since Idaho voters rejected the Students Come First education laws last week, both sides have spoken about the need to cooperate. A first step in that direction happens Wednesday. Idaho Governor Butch Otter - one of the chief bakers of the laws - has invited representatives from the state’s teachers union, the IEA to come to the capitol.

The IEA worked to overturn Students Come First. Otter spokesman Jon Hanian says the governor wants to create changes to the state’s education system Idahoan’s will support.

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Idaho’s Secretary of State has asked a judge to order an organization that is campaigning for Propositions 1, 2, and 3 to reveal its donors. Ben Ysursa went to Idaho’s Fouth District Court Monday seeking the order against Education Voters of Idaho.

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In Washington D.C. Tuesday a national summit on preventing bullying in schools rapped up. It’s the third year the U.S. Department of Education has hosted the summit on what is a growing concern among educators and parents. In Boise Tuesday Idaho teachers came together to learn ways to prevent bullying.

Idaho Teachers’ Union Endorses Incumbent Over Teacher

Jul 11, 2012
Idaho Legislature

Idaho’s teacher’s union created a hubbub when it endorsed Republican Mike Simpson in his reelection bid for Idaho's Second Congressional District. It picked Simpson over Democratic state senator and part time teacher Nicole LeFavour.

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Friday Idaho’s statewide teacher’s union began its two day annual assembly in Boise to lay down an agenda for the coming year. Many of the Idaho Education Association’s priorities come back to one item.

More than 400 teachers from throughout Idaho are in Boise Friday and Saturday. They’re delegates to an assembly of the statewide teachers union. This is the 120th time the Idaho Education Association has held this annual meeting. But  this year is a little different.

Every year members of the IEA elect delegates to set the organization’s agenda. This year they’ll meet just like always. Delegates will make proposals, take votes and set priorities for the next year. But this time around there’s already an item on their list.