Kinyon Road Fire

New Fires Sparked, Some Threaten Homes

Jul 10, 2012
Ashley Smith / Times-News

Update 10:30 PM:  More fires popped up Tuesday afternoon across several regions of Idaho.  At the same time, firefighters continued to make progress on the state’s largest fires.  Lightning strikes and human activity are both being blamed for the latest batch of fires. 

Several tiny fires burning parts of the Boise National Forest in Boise County are threatening homes.  Residents of the Clear Creek subdivision have been encouraged to evacuate.  Authorities say the fires have been as close as ¼ to ½ mile from houses.

Tom Banse / Northwest News Network

As more people use Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch, more disaster response agencies are signing up for their own accounts.  The Bureau of Land Management, for instance, has been tweeting updates about the massive Kinyon Road fire burning this week in Southern Idaho.  Social media is playing a growing role in natural disasters.