Mount St. Helens

Stuart Rankin / Flickr Creative Commons

Thirty-seven years ago today Mount St. Helens in southwest Washington erupted in a gigantic explosion that killed nearly 60 people and injured scores of others, as well as causing millions of dollars of damage. 

Boise State Public Radio reporter Norm Gunning experienced the event firsthand as an assignment editor at KOIN TV, the CBS affiliate in Portland, just 60 miles south. Through archived audio quotes, Gunning walks us through the events of the day and how his colleagues and station covered the breaking news at the time.

Scientists monitoring Mount St. Helens confirmed Wednesday that magma is on the rise and "re-pressurizing" the volcano in southwest Washington.

Tom Banse / Northwest News Network

Just in time for another anniversary of the catastrophic Mount St. Helens eruption, the U.S. Forest Service is reopening an architecturally-striking visitor center. The Coldwater Ridge facility has been closed for the last four seasons.  The center reopens next week with a new mission and purpose.