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On November 7, voters in Nampa overwhelmingly decided to carve out a single square mile from one school district and add it to another.

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A teen arrested in connection with a threatening message saying a school shooting would take place earlier this week at Skyview High in Nampa says he watched videos about the 1999 Columbine school shooting.

Eighteen-year-old Martin Soto was arraigned Wednesday on a felony count of possessing a stolen weapon. Both he and a 16-year-old student who also was arrested are thought to have played roles in the message saying a shooting would take place at Skyview Tuesday.

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Hurricane Matthew caused record flooding in North Carolina this fall, destroying homes, businesses and government buildings. After seeing the suffering of people across the country, a group of young Idahoans decided to offer some relief.

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An Idaho school district will hand out nearly 2,000 laptops as the first phase of a personalized learning initiative.

KTVB-TV reports the Nampa School District will issue the Dell Latitude laptops to Columbia High School students this week. The computers can be used at school and at home.

The laptops are part of a three-year, $3.5 million project to modernize classroom technology and curriculum. It will also feature professional development for teachers.

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Even in a state with high poverty rates, Nampa is a high-poverty district.

In 2014-15, 64 percent of Nampa’s 14,892 students qualified for free or reduced-price school lunch. In five Nampa elementary schools, this percentage topped 80 percent — well above the statewide average of 49 percent.

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Norovirus has been found in samples from an outbreak at a Nampa Middle School two weeks ago. The Southwest District Health Department confirms two stool samples came back positive for the virus.

It started two weeks ago when children at Lone Star Middle School came down with vomiting and diarrhea. By that Thursday, more than 150 kids stayed home sick. The next day, close to 500 students missed class.

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The Nampa School District was out of line when it asked teachers to sign a contract addendum to include furlough days.

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The Nampa School District and its teachers’ union, the Nampa Education Association (NEA), could not reach an agreement Friday on next year’s contract terms. But the district will still send teachers their contracts. State law requires that contracts go out by July 1. However, they will be incomplete.

The state’s third largest district has been embroiled in a budget crisis since last summer. The district says it needs to trim more than $3 million through this labor agreement.

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Teacher contract negotiations in the Nampa School District appear stalled.  The teacher’s union Thursday night pushed for raises and no furlough days. The district had proposed 14 furlough days next year. 

Nampa has been fighting through a budget crisis all year. It’s eliminated jobs, closed one school and made numerous other cuts.  But district officials say they still need to cut $3.5 million from next year’s budget.  

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Untenable, harmful, devastating; three adjectives Nampa Education Association president Mandy Simpson uses in response to the school district's contract offer. That offer includes 14 furlough days.

Nampa School District Offers Teachers 14 Furlough Days

May 31, 2013
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Nampa teachers’ union representatives sat down this morning to negotiate with a district hired attorney. They were expecting to talk about furlough days and other ways to climb out of the district's budget hole.  The district took the offensive with a contract offer that includes 14 furlough days in the 2013 /2014 school year. The offer does not allow raises that would have come from increased experience.

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Elections this week have resulted in a major shakeup in Nampa’s school board. Voters elected two new members to the five person group largely prompted by the district’s ongoing financial crisis. The district blames accounting errors for a deficit of more than five million dollars. After a year of difficult cuts Nampa still has a long way to go to reach a balanced budget.

New school board member Mike Fuller has a handle on why it’s so difficult for the district to climb out of its financial hole.

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The Nampa School District voted Tuesday night to eliminate 27 teaching positions next fall. That’s the  latest cost cutting measure to overcome a more than $5 million deficit blamed on accounting errors.

But the state’s third largest school district has a way to go before it reaches a balanced budget next year. Adam Cotterell covers education and has covered Tuesday's  meeting. He talks with Samantha Wright about what’s next for Nampa schools.


Wright: Adam I understand it was no ordinary school board meeting.

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The Nampa School Board voted Tuesday night to leave 27 teaching jobs unfilled next fall (15 secondary and 12 elementary.) The jobs are opening due to retirements and resignations. It’s the latest step in a year-long effort to overcome a $5.1 million budget deficit blamed on accounting errors. The cuts will result in larger class sizes. In fourth grade for example, average class sizes will increase from 26 students to 32 students.

Nampa School District Could Cut 50 Teachers

May 13, 2013
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The Nampa School Board meets Tuesday to discuss the next steps in overcoming a $5.1 million budget deficit.