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Job growth stalled during September in Oregon and Washington according to new numbers from the respective state employment departments.

In rural parts of the Northwest, many believe owning a gun is sort of like owning a garden trowel. You just have one or two around.

The behavior of Oregon first lady Cylvia Hayes provoked the sharpest exchanges during a gubernatorial debate in Portland Tuesday night on television station KGW.

Starting in January, Washington lawmakers will be barred from accepting more than 12 lobbyist-paid meals per year.

Oregon's highest court is pondering the fate of cuts to the state's public pension system. Justices heard arguments Tuesday from attorneys for retired public workers and for the state.

The Idaho attorney general has asked his legal staff to start looking at what implications gay marriage will have for the state.

California billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer has contributed a significant amount of cash to an environmental political action committee in Washington.

Law enforcement groups in Washington state are pushing back against possible limits on police use of drones. That happened as a task force convened by Governor Jay Inslee wrestled some more Monday about how to regulate small unmanned aircraft.

The Oregon Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in a case that pits public employee unions against state government over cuts to Oregon's public pension system.

Same-sex couples in Idaho can start getting married and have those marriages legally recognized by the state starting Wednesday morning.

Same-sex couples in Idaho are awaiting one more court decision Monday on the state's on-again, off-again gay marriage ban.

The state of Washington has agreed to pay a record amount to settle a case of child abuse and neglect.

Election 2014 is just over three weeks away.

Oregon Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber and Republican challenger Dennis Richardson clashed Friday over the role of the state's first lady during a debate at Portland City Club.

Oregon's first lady said she committed a federal crime 17 years ago. Cylvia Hayes told reporters Thursday that she married a man for the sole purpose of helping him get a Green Card.

Oregon first lady Cylvia Hayes said she made a "serious mistake" when she married an 18-year-old immigrant in 1997.

You need 16 votes to pass a bill in the Oregon Senate. Democrats control the Oregon Senate, 16-14, but one of their members often votes with Republicans on social and environmental issues.

Methow Valley families know they have a long, difficult winter ahead. And they’re trying to get ready.

Managers at Insitu, a military drone maker headquartered in Bingen, Washington, say they see great potential for civil and commercial uses for their best known aircraft.

Washington's law legalizing recreational marijuana made its way into Idaho's gubernatorial debate on Friday.