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Three-time gold medal Olympian Kristin Armstrong arrived to a heroine's welcome at the Boise airport Monday afternoon. Since then, the Idaho native says she's been going nonstop.

Since she won the cycling event of time trial, she says she’s been constantly stopped by people calling out “congratulations,” and asking to pose for pictures.

Why Kristin Armstrong’s 3rd Gold Is A Big Deal

Aug 11, 2016
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Wednesday morning while most people back home were still sleeping, Boise’s Kristin Armstrong was on a bike in Brazil trying to win a gold medal in her third consecutive Olympics. She succeeded.

Armstrong became just the second American woman to win the same event at three Olympics in a row. And she now owns all but two of the road-cycling golds ever awarded to the U.S.

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Kristin Armstrong of the United States won her third consecutive Olympic time trial Wednesday, her golden effort on the brutal course leaving her in an exhausted heap on the road at the finish line.

Armstrong covered the course through driving wind and rain in 44 minutes, 26.42 seconds, beating reigning bronze medalist Olga Zabelinskaya of Russia by just 5.55 seconds.

Anna van der Breggen of the Netherlands added a bronze medal to her gold from the road race.

Kristin Armstrong Olympic Gold Medal
Sadie Babits / Boise State Public Radio

What would it be like to bring home your third Olympic gold medal for your birthday? 

Kristin Armstrong could get the chance to find out how that feels Wednesday morning. Her gold-medal winning streak began in 2008 after claiming the individual time trial race in Beijing. In London four years ago Armstrong became the oldest woman cyclist to win the race. She turns 43 Thursday.

Idaho Kayaker Vies For Rio Olympics

May 6, 2016
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UPDATE: Tren Long missed qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Canoe and Kayak team as an alternate, but he did qualify for the National team and will represent the U.S. at World Cup events this summer. 

Original post:

An Idahoan is gunning for the chance to represent Team USA at this year’s summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

This interview for Reader's Corner was originally broadcast in December of 2013:

In the summer of 1936 the world was transfixed by the grandeur of the Olympic Games in Berlin, and by a determined group of young Americans. In front of high-ranking Nazi officials, including Adolf Hitler, they overcame impossible odds to snatch victory from both the German and Italian crews in the Games’ signature rowing event.

This interview was originally broadcast in November, 2005.

Sadie Babits / Boise State Public Radio

The Idaho Legislature wants to honor two-time Olympic gold medal cyclist Kristin Armstrong.  The Boise resident won gold in last year’s London Olympics and in 2008’s Beijing Olympics.

Representative Hy Kloc (D-Boise) introduced the measure today. “We’d like to commend her for her community work, her outstanding attitude, her focus, and her exemplary conduct.” 

Kloc said Armstrong climbed to the top of her profession even in the face of health problems. “In 2001, Kristen was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and that didn’t stop her.” 

Idaho Olympian's Bicycles Stolen

Sep 12, 2012
Sadie Babits / Boise State Public Radio

Boise resident and Olympic gold medal cyclist Kristin Armstrong has had two bicycles she rode in the London Olympics stolen. Armstrong received two empty boxes at her house Tuesday, according to a news release issued by her cycling team, Exergy TWENTY12.

The road and time trials bikes had been on display in Germany two weeks ago, and then were supposed to be shipped through Atlanta to Boise.

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Olympic gold medal cyclist Kristin Armstrong rode with hundreds of riders down Capitol Boulevard Saturday. The ride, which started at the Boise Depot,  was part of a special celebration to honor Armstrong for her second gold medal win in the individual time trial at the London Olympics. Saturday's celebration was also a birthday bash complete with cake for Armstrong's 39th birthday.

Sadie Babits / Boise State Public Radio

Another Olympian with ties to Idaho competes Saturday in London. Mountain biker Georgia Gould will combine speed with technique to navigate rocky descents and dirt trails. The course navigates trails on 555 acres outside London designed for the Olympics.  

Georgia Gould started to ride mountain bikes in the summer of 1999. She’d moved to Ketchum where her father lives.

Boise native Nick Symmonds took fifth place today in the men’s 800 meter run at the London Olympics. A group of hometown fans got together to cheer him on.

About 70 people watch Olympic coverage at Bishop Kelly High School. Staff, students, and alumni scan the screen for one of the school’s most notable grads. They cheer every time they get a glimpse of Nick Symmonds.

Boise’s Nick Symmonds To Try For Olympic Gold

Aug 8, 2012
Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

Just seven people and 800 meters separate Nick Symmonds from a gold medal. Symmonds runs this Thursday afternoon in London at 1:00 Mountain Time in the men’s 800 final. But his career began in Boise.

Storify: Idaho Cyclist's Gold Medal Ride

Aug 2, 2012

Updated Thursday:

Idaho cyclist Kristin Armstrong won a gold medal Wednesday in the individual time trial in London.  The 18-mile course is a race against the clock and this event is Armstrong’s specialty.  She says now she's retiring. "No more competitive cycling for me," she explained in a text message from London. "This has been a challenging yet rewarding experience." 

Craig McGowan / University of Idaho

Oscar Pistorius looks like a normal guy, from the knees up. He looks fit, well-dressed, and capable. But without the lower half of his calves and shins, his ability to sprint in the 2012 Olympics were called into question. That is, until a University of Idaho professor helped prove Pistorius can compete beside anyone in the world.

Pistorius was born without fully-developed lower legs. He has used two prosthetic legs all his life. That won’t stop him from racing in the Men’s 400 Meter August 3rd, 4th, and 5th.