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BOISE, ID – Idaho Republicans are getting ready for Tuesday evening’s presidential caucus.  GOP leaders in each county run their own show.  Canyon County’s will be held at the Idaho Center.

Once inside the main doors of the Idaho Center, every voter checks in.  They must be registered as Republicans to participate.  They can do so on site.   Brandon Hixon is in charge of Canyon County’s GOP presidential caucus.  He says each participant gets a slip of paper that allows them one token for each round of voting.  This is how they’ll vote.

BOISE, ID – Voters in ten states including Idaho choose their Republican presidential candidate tomorrow as part of Super Tuesday.  It’s “Super” because more than 400 delegates will be divided up.  Scott Ki reports on how Idaho’s GOP delegates stack up with other states.

Jonathan Parker

BOISE, Id –Idaho’s Republican Party holds its first presidential caucus Tuesday.  Party leaders decided to move from a May Primary to a Super Tuesday caucus last summer. At that time Idaho’s GOP executive director Jonathan Parker said the decision came because the party was tired of candidates stopping briefly in Idaho to raise some money then leave for other states.

Internet Sales Tax Bill Falls Short

Mar 1, 2012

BOISE, ID – State lawmakers  Wednesday stopped a bill to tax internet sales.  More than two hours of public testimony ended in a tie vote by members of Idaho’s House Revenue and Taxation Committee.  That means the bill will likely die.

Republican Representative Lenore Hardy Barrett of Custer County voted against the measure.  She said, “We need to cut out all of this kind of thing and work on cutting spending, cutting taxes, and downsizing government.”

Gov. Otter Picks McGee Replacement

Mar 1, 2012

BOISE, ID – Governor Butch Otter appointed Idaho’s newest Senator late Thursday.  Jim Rice replaces Republican State Senator John McGee.  McGee resigned last week amid allegations of sexual harassment by a legislative staffer.  GOP leaders in Canyon County nominated three candidates to replace him earlier this week.  Jim Rice topped the list.  He’s a Caldwell lawyer.  Others on the list were Brandon Hixon.  He chairs the Canyon County presidential caucus.  And Jarom Wagoner, an Ada County Highway District planner.

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BOISE, ID – Governor Butch Otter’s $5 million jobs plan got a boost Thursday.  A state Senate committee agreed to send IGEM to the full Senate for a vote.

Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, or IGEM, is meant to bring companies, universities, and labs together to move research into the marketplace.  It’s based on a Utah program called USTARS.  But Governor Butch Otter says his office also looked at similar initiatives in Texas, Colorado, and Virginia.

Idaho Texting While Driving Ban Hits Snag

Feb 28, 2012

BOISE, ID – At least thirty five states ban texting while driving according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  Idaho lawmakers are working on a bill to join that list.  But the House Transportation Committee decided Tuesday to consider some changes.

BOISE, ID – National Park Service officials cleared out Occupy D.C. earlier this month.  Only a few tents stand there now as part of 24-hour vigils.  Camping, sleeping, and cooking are banned.  Something similar is unfolding in Idaho with Occupy Boise.

We introduced you to Occupy Boise member Mike Dooley earlier this month.  The 22-year old used to live in a homeless shelter, but found the protest movement more to his liking.  Now, Dooley spends his days at Occupy meetings and developing his photography skills.

Idaho Romney Backers Tout His Economic Plan

Feb 24, 2012

BOISE, ID – Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney outlined his economic plan today on the home turf of the Detroit Lions football team in Michigan.  In Idaho, Governor Butch Otter and U.S. Senator Jim Risch spoke by phone to support Romney’s plan.

Governor Butch Otter and U.S. Senator Jim Risch co-chair the Mitt Romney for President campaign in Idaho.  This is the second time this month they’ve arranged a phone call to tout his ideas.  They support Romney’s plan to jump-start the nation’s economy.  Senator Risch says it allows businesses to create more jobs.


BOISE, ID – Idaho Senators want to make it illegal for people to drive and text at the same time. They approved a bill Tuesday that would do just that, although it would not apply to voice-operated or hands free devices.  Republican Senator Joyce Broadsword admitted that she’s driven and sent text messages at the same time:

Governor Otter Signs Law To Evict Occupy Boise

Feb 21, 2012

BOISE, ID – Occupy Boise protestors will have to move off the grounds of the Old Ada County Courthouse by Monday afternoon.  Idaho Governor “Butch” Otter signed legislation today that prohibits camping on some state lands.  Jon Hanian is Otter’s spokesman.  He says, “It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.  He indicated about a month ago that he would sign that legislation if and when it reached his desk.”   Otter feels strongly that people don’t have a right to live on state property, according to Hanian.  Idaho’s Department of Administration will carry out the eviction on Mond

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul wrapped up a campaign tour through the Pacific Northwest Saturday with a stop in Boise. His rally at CenturLink Arena in downtown marked his third visit to the state this week.

Romney Raises Money And Campaigns In Boise

Feb 17, 2012

BOISE, ID – Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney visited Boise today for a private lunch and public rally.  More than twelve hundred people turned out for that rally at a company that makes modular housing projects.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney played up his business credentials at his Boise rally.


BOISE, Id – The Idaho House has voted to evict Occupy Boise protesters from their encampment next to the Idaho Statehouse.  The group pitched their tents on state land last November.

Republican Scott Bedke supports the measure:

Scott Bedke “This bill closes a loophole, this is exactly the same language that is in the city of Boise ordinance and this bill will be applied uniformly into the future.”

House Minority Leader John Rusche disagreed saying it was a poke in the eye for protestors.

Romney Visits Idaho Ahead of Super Tuesday

Feb 17, 2012

This has been the week for Republican presidential candidates to visit Idaho ahead of Super Tuesday on March 6th. Earlier in the week Rick Santorum stopped in Boise. Ron Paul was next with a visit to Twin Falls. And Friday former Massachusettes Governor Mitt Romney toured through a modular construction company in Southeast Boise and held a rally. Sadie Babits and Scott Ki were at Guerdon Enterprises. They talk with Samantha Wright about who showed up for the event and about Romney’s speech.